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Where Time Will Come To Die
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“These are the days of trial
The days of ill-winged idols
The days of errant prayers
Invoking lingering shadows…“

From Alpha to Omega - the second album of the German band SERVANTS TO THE TIDE takes the listener on a journey through the history of existence itself: From the Big Bang, through the first rays of light on Earth, to a possible dark future for mankind and, finally, the inevitable cold death of the universe - the place where even time itself will die.

Three years after the acclaimed self-titled debut album, the once-“bedroom project“ SERVANTS TO THE TIDE matured into a full-fledged five-piece band. As a result, “Where Time Will Come To Die” is more dynamic, versatile and lively, bolder in its songwriting, and an album that we are sure will leave a lasting impression.

“After the release of our debut album, we took our time not only to grow together as a real band, but to write and refine the songs that you are about to hear”, founder and songwriter Leonid Rubinstein adds and continues, “’Where Time Will Come To Die’ is an ambitious album that pushes the borders of SERVANTS TO THE TIDE into lots of exciting directions, we got everything from a no-bullshit-Heavy Metal-banger to a 10-and-a-half-minutes monolith, from a piano ballad to a synth-laden piece of molten lava Doom. We hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we did making it.”

Epic doom metal for fans of ATLANTEAN KODEX, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, CANDLEMASS, SAVATAGE. Artwork by Timon Kokott (DARKNESS, CROSS VAULT, TEUTONIC SLAUGHTER, among others). All words and music by Leonid Rubinstein. Produced by Sören Reinholdt and Leonid Rubinstein. Mixed and engineered by Sören Reinholdt. Mastered by Bart Gabriel. Guest solo by David Kuri (FLAME, DEAR FLAME / WRITHEN HILT) on “With Starlight We Ride”. Guest solo by Jonas Papmeier (CRAVING) on “The Trial”. A video clip for “With Starlight We Ride” will accompany the album release. SERVANTS TO THE TIDE regularly perform live and have already appeared on stage with ATLANTEAN KODEX, CROM, FVNERAL FVKK and OLD MOTHER HELL, among others.

"With Starlight We Ride" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/vX7W4vmUQrc


1. With Starlight We Ride
2. Sunrise In Eden
3. The Trial (CD only bonus track)
4. White Wanderer
5. If The Stars Should Appear
- Act I: Nothing But Cloudless Sky
- Act II: The Days of Ill-Winged Idols
- Act III: Marching To The End Of The World
6. Towards Zero
7. Where Time Will Come To Die


Stephan Wehrbein - Vocals
Leonid Rubinstein - Guitars
Katharina Großbongardt - Guitars
Sören Reinholdt - Bass
Lucas Freise - Drums

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