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Floating In Timeless Streams
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From Finland comes death... LIE IN RUINS will unleash their most intense release to date with "Floating In Timeless Streams". Throughout these ten hellish tracks, LIE IN RUINS twists their cavernous sound into new, more violent forms.

Six years after LIE IN RUIN's last full-length (2014's "Towards Divine Death"), "Floating In Timeless Streams" sees a more streamlined approach from the band. A departure from the 70+ minute onslaught of "Towards Divine Death", the new album delivers a more calculated attack, clocking in at 41 lethal minutes.

"Floating In Timeless Streams" continues to highlight the tremendous guitar work of Roni Ärling and Tuomas Kulmala, their mastery backed by new addition of CORPSESSED drummer Jussi-Pekka Manner. The album is rounded out by the tormented and guttural vocals of Roni Sahari (DESOLATE SHRINE). LIE IN RUIN’s magnum opus is arguably the most brutal album of 2020. Finnish death metal's finest!

"Spectral Realms of Fornication" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/boM-IAoaJE4


1. Earth Shall Mourn
2. Spectral Realms of Fornication
3. Interlude I
4. (Becoming) One With the Aether
5. Drowned
6. The Path
7. Descending Further
8. Suffocating Darkness
9. Interlude II
10. Where Mountains Sleep


Roni Ärling - Guitars
Tuomas Kulmala - Guitars / Vocals
Roni Sahari - Bass / Vocals
Jussi-Pekka Manner - Drums / Backing vocals

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