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The Lower We Sink, The Less We Care

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Lupercalia Records


LUPERCALIA RECORDS is proud to present RUMOURS' striking debut-album, on Compact Disc, on 12" vinyl LP and digital formats.

Burn all reins and all doubts, RUMOURS deliver the soundtrack to all of your apocalypse & funeral parties. Their debut is aptly named `The Lower We Sink, The Less We Care´ and delivers a fierce attack of electrifying Rock that makes the end of the world danceable. As on the demo from 2020, the ingredients correspond to the most tasteful cuisine of effective Rock, sometimes Punk, sometimes even Classic Rock, with occasional metallic side dishes. This time the catchy moments on one hand, and the emotional and inwardly parts on the other are given a considerable boost. Although each track has its very own mood, and the level of aggression varies & meanders from song to song, the 40 minutes of playing time result in a dramaturgically perfect record that sounds like from one cast.

Once again, RUMOURS cleverly use the tried and tested in Rock. They consciously make use of the musical codex, framework and traditions on which Rock & Metal is based and what make the genre identitary and definable.

What you get is simply the best of that certain Danzig melancholy, the later In Solitude madness, the Beastmilk rage and a cocktail of the Devil's Blood laced with classic solo-sounds alá Dire Straits and consorts, fused and refined into a very unique RUMOURS – alloy. On `The Lower We Sink...´ the lyrical world focuses on all that is lost, a nihilistic cynicism, or better, a cynical nihilism. RUMOURS don't allow a single ray of hope but it does not let you despair, it just glorifies the 5th stage of mourning. They take brilliant riffs and awesome melodies but then they tell you all those horrible things. All that blood and all those tears, coupled with that toxic grin and the overly animating iron Rock definitely feeds that very album intensity. Pain redeems, ... sometimes... and sometimes it just makes you crepitate in the most disgusting way.

Recorded with authentic, bloody old equipment, mixed by Martin (Konie) Ehrenkrona at Studio Cobra / Stockholm and mastered by Pieter Kloos at The Void Studio / Eindhoven, the album convinces with a sound that is in no way inferior to any old classic in terms of naturalness and differentiation. However euphoric, or sad, or dismal RUMOURS music may be.

"That Glimmer Of Freedom That People Call Death" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/QpmAeTSaXAA


1. The Impetuous Glory Of Terror
2. That Glimmer Of Freedom That People Call Death
3. I Am The Midnight
4. The Sky Is Comin' Down Again
5. Chronophobia
6. And The Name Of The Star Was Bitterness
7. Echoes Of Decline
8. Broken Sighs And Burning Tears


Sebastian Beissert - Vocals
Andy Heinrich - Guitar
Anton Hoyer - Guitar
René Kögel - Guitar
Birger Schwidop - Bass
Jordi Farré - Drums

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