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Tid och rum




DÖDA HAVET is back with a new mesmerizing album that makes you lose your perception of time and space!

After the acclaimed eponymous debut record and a handful of live gigs the band has stayed away from the stages and instead fully indulged in the creative process with the goal to make a strong sequel. Their second album “Tid och rum” (Time and space) is filled with everything from soft piano melodies, heavy guitars, synthesizers, slow tempo vocals and mysterious lyrics that brings the listener on a fulfilled journey of different emotions.

DÖDA HAVET convey their depiction of the reality we know mixed with their own experiences, on a framework of melancholy rock which sometimes diverges into progressive parts. “Sometimes you can feel so incredibly alone, even though you have close friends and family. It is difficult to rationally understand that feeling, and easier to dismiss it as a chimera. But still, the chimera appears occasionally, no matter how unreasonable its existence seems to be.”, says Staffan Winroth when talking about the single “Hjärnspöket”, which in English translates into “Chimera”.

The band consists of Peter Garde Lindholm (guitar), Julia Stensland Vinrot (keyboard), Martin Pettersson (drums), Lawrence Mackrory (bass guitar) and Staffan Stensland Vinrot (vocals/guitar/songwriter), who have all been active in different constellations in the music scenes of Uppsala and Sweden. Some of those are Besvärjelsen, Lastkaj 14 and F.K.Ü. Just like the debut, the new album was produced by bass player Lawrence Mackrory. The artwork was created by Prakash Khatri Chhetri.

"Hjärnspöket " - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/JI5mUY5lnIo


1. Atlantis mitt
2. Arcana
3. 7000 dagar
4. Avsked
5. Hjärnspöket
6. Söndag
7. Levande eller död
8. Bråttom

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