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La Maldición


BlackSeed Productions


BlackSeed Productions proudly presents the new mini album of Spanish ONIRICOUS!

Recorded at Moontower Studios with Javier Félez, the band offers four new songs (plus Intro/Outro) which perpetuate their trademark of old school Death Metal settled in their two previous full-length albums released by Razorback Records and Equinox Discos. This material is a great step towards the creepy grail of the unspeakable Horror Death Metal worship!

For fans of Death, Morbid Angel, Massacre, Pestilence, Morgoth!

"Exhumando el Horror" - Official Track Stream: Youtube +++ Bandcmap


1. Intro
2. Exhumando el Horror
3. El Extraño
4. La Cabra Negra
5. La Maldición
6. Outro


Chuster - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Mazo - Lead Guitar
Al-Wars - Rhythm Guitar
Tony - Bass
Tillo - Drums


ONIRICOUS was formed in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca, Spain) back in 2009 from the ashes of GHÜL duo, who recorded their only demo "Los Horrores de la Tumba" in 2009. During 2011 they added 2 members to the new band so the line-up was settled and they started working on their debut album "Ritos Diabolicos", recorded between November / December 2012 by Javier Félez at the Moontower Studios in Barcelona and mastered in Sweden by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. The CD was released in January 2013 by U.S. label Razorback Recordings. Cover drawing was done by the horror master Esteban Maroto, famous illustrator for 70's terror magazines as Creepy, Vampirella, Eeire... This debut album was later released in 12" vinyl format in Spring 2014 by Spanish label Equinox Discos.
In September 2015 guitar player Mazo left ONIRICOUS and was replaced by Al Wars who took care of rhythm guitars until May 2017 when Mazo returns to the band and the line-up kept 3 guitar players 'til today.
During January / February 2016 ONIRICOUS recorded their 2nd full-length "La Caverna del Fuego" again at Moontower Studios, but this time mastered in Germany at Temple Of Disharmony by Patrick W. Engel. Cover drawing was done by great illustrator Juanjo Castellano. The album was released in April 2016 by Equinox Discos in both CD and vinyl formats.
In June 2019 the band entered Moontower Studio again to record their new EP "La Maldición", mixed and mastered by Javier Félez . Four new songs plus Intro / Outro to be released on October 31th by BlackSeed Productions on CD / 12" vinyl. The cover drawing this time has been done by Raúl Mortuus. This material is a great step towards the creepy grail of the unspeakable Horror Death Metal worship. It will also be released in cassette format by Lycanthropic Chant Records (Germany) and Headsplit Records (USA).
During the years, ONIRICOUS has shared stages with bands as PENTACLE (Netherlands), UNNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chile), NOCTURNAL (Germany), NOMINON (Sweden)... and plenty of Spanish bands as GRAVEYARD, BALMOG, DEVOTION, MASS BURIAL, MANIAC, TERATOMA or CANKER.


"Ritos Disbólicos" - Full-length. 2013 (Razorback Records, CD) / (Equinox Discos, LP)
"La Caverna del Fuego" - Full-length 2016 (Equinox Discos, LP / CD)
"La Maldición" - Mini-album 2019 (BlackSeed Productions, Mini LP / CD)

Download 300dpi printable (615 kB)

Download 300dpi printable (615 kB)

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