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III: The Forest Within The Tree


20 Buck Spin
12. Oct. 2018
Distribution: Soulfood


A decade has now passed since the release of "Twilight Ritual", the 2nd LP from Little Rock’s DEADBIRD. Though much has changed in the metal world since then, 10 years on DEADBIRD remains steadfast in their ability to sculpt heartwrenching and gutsy songs from the deepest, darkest places within. Years of toil and scorched southern soil went into the band’s third album "III: The Forest Within The Tree" resulting in 40 haunting minutes of emotive turbulence and resolute grit.
An intense listen from the outset, after ‘The Singularity’ intro the one-two punch of ‘Luciferous Heart’ and ‘Heyday’ carry the weight of the grandiose and the grave, burning with furor and primordial light. At times dipping into quietly morose acoustics and at others crushing with a Neurosis like magnitude, DEADBIRD offer the scope of the world weary and of sentiment laid bare on compositions like ‘Brought Low’ and ‘Bone & Ash’.

10 years is not a short time between albums, but the passing of years have solidified DEADBIRD into an entity well versed in the art of vigilance. The 8 tracks comprising "III: The Forest Within The Tree" are the band’s best to date and signal the awakening of new day for the band.

"Luciferous Heart" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/_ycisRrnB5I


1. The Singularity
2. Luciferous Heart
3. Heyday
4. Alexandria
5. 11:34
6. Brought Low
7. Bone & Ash
8. Ending


Chuck - Guitar / Vocals
Phillip - Drums / Vocals
Alan - Guitar / Vocals
Jeff - Bass / Vocals
Reid - Bass / Vocals
CT - Mini Korg / Noise / Vocals

Photo Credit: Adam Peterson

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