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The Cleansing


Black Sunset / MDD Records


After the albums "Havoc" (2010) and "Anti" (2013), which was described as one of the strongest Black Metal outputs from Austria, it is time for the third longplayer of ASPHAGOR now.
For this output, which documents a unique and logical evolution of the band, the successful collaboration with Patrick W. Engel (Temple Of Disharmony Studio) was continued to produce a successor that satisfies the high expectations - and exceed the high mark which was set with "Anti". One can rightly say that with "The Cleansing" another milestone has been reached and this album will probably be one of the most intelligent and impressive Black Metal releases of 2018. Without getting lost in unnecessary gimmicks, ASPHAGOR create an overall work that is capable of creating an atmospheric density that enthralls you out over the entire 60-minute playing time of the album and leaving you back breathless and deeply impressed.

"(In The) Sea Of Empty Shells" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/UicL2iTbK_I


1. The Delphic Throne
2. Sun Devourer
3. The Solipsist
4. (In The) Sea Of Empty Shells
5. 101815
6. Ardor
7. Circle Of Abaddon
8. Monodia (He, My Wall)
9. Aurora Nocturna
10. The Cleansing


Morgoth - Voice
Hybreos - Six Strings
Atlas - Session Six String
M.Zanesco - Bass Guitar
M.E. Sargoth - Battery


The Cleansing (2018)
Anti (2013)
Havoc (2010)
Tyrolean Hell (Demo 2007)

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