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Nuclear Soul


The End Records
24.11.2017 (European Release)


Washington D.C. is chiefly considered for its political climate. It’s easy to forget that this city has spawned some of the most diverse, fiery sounds in modern music. It’s a cornerstone in a region that’s integrated rock, hardcore punk, reggae and more through the likes of Bad Brains, Fugazi and Clutch, and where Latin and funk fused to form the vibrant sound of go-go music. And in its suburbs, four guys – aka LIONIZE – have been stirring up this heavy, colorful cocktail with a profoundly creative approach, an arsenal of tasty, bluesy hooks and a tone of sci-fi-infused lyrics.

Over the years, LIONIZE have cultivated a unique blend of funky riffs, cyborg tales and soulful rock sensibilities. From the beginning, with 2005’s “Danger My Dear”, they were pushing boundaries. In 2008 they recorded second album, “Space Pope And The Glass Machine”, at Harry J Studios in Jamaica – where Bob Marley made several records. By the time the propulsive “Jetpack Soundtrack” was released (in 2014) they’d streamlined all this experience into an original, more-ish rock whole.

Now, with their new LP, “Nuclear Soul” they’re raising the bar again with their most fearless, expansive-sounding songs yet. Cut at the Magpie Cage studio and The Lion’s Den, MD, the new album was co-produced with the band by J.Robbins and (Clutch drummer) Jean Paul Gaster. No tricks – just a liberated, highly driven set of tunes.

In writing and road testing the album the band aimed to redefine what it means to be a classic sounding rock’n’roll band. Thematically, they also harnessed the present political climate to powerful effect. Opener “Darkest Timeline” is at once fiercely groovy and evocative of social disenchantment, while “Blindness To Danger” closes the album with a propulsive bang. Tracks like “Power Grid” evoke a turbocharged Deep Purple, if they’d spent time in soul bands. “Fire In Athena” starts softly before growing into an emotive call to arms. And “Ain’t It A Shame” stirs blues, reggae hints and Santana-esque guitar into one passionate declaration.

Ultimately this is LIONIZE at their most arena-ready – without compromising on soul, sass or substance. It’s that wonderful space where vintage style and contemporary fire collide.


1. Darkest Timeline
2. Face Of Mars
3. Fire In Athena
4. Power Grid
5. Ain't it a Shame
6. Election Year
7. March Of The Clones
8. Let You Down
9. The Mad Scientist of Sunshine
10. Nuclear Soul
11. Blindness To Danger


LIONIZE - European Tour 2017 - November/December - Supporting CKY

29.11. - Cassiopeia - Berlin, DE
30.11. - Headcrash - Hamburg, DE
01.12. - Tube 300 - Dusseldorf, DE
03.12. - Café Central - Weinheim, DE
05.12. - High Voltage - Copenhagen, DK
06.12. - John Dee - Oslo, NO
07.12. - Sticky Fingers - Gothenburg, SE
08.12. - Klubben - Stockholm, SE
10.12. - Hedon - Zwolle, NL
11.12. - Tivoli De Helling - Utrecht, NL
13.12. - La Bellevilloise - Paris, FR
14.12. - Magnolia - Milan, IT
15.12. - Arena - Vienna, AT


Nate Bergman (lead vocals, guitar)
Chris Brooks (keys)
Henry Upton (bass)
Chase Lapp (drums)

the hard side of life
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