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The Eye


Feuer Publications


Feuer Publications proudly presents the debut full-length of Finnish Progressive Doomers STONE SHIP!
Formed in late 2005 by members Lehto and Kuosmanen, the band swore to play true and traditional doom metal, influenced by the likes of Sabbath, Candlemass and Pentagram. With the boarding of bassist Pesonen and vocalist Heinonen, however, STONE SHIP started evolving towards their own sound.

After releasing their first demo in 2010 – which yet contained some pretty traditional doom metal – the band truly started to work as a unit in the songwriting department. Progressive elements started to emerge amongst the heavy doom metal riffing, and the songs became longer and more complex. The final piece in the puzzle was unearthed when member Pesonen took on the writing of song lyrics after the first demo. Pesonen’s dark mythological visions heighten the uniqueness of the band yet further.

Most of the band’s music is written at the rehearsal place, an idyllic cottage in the middle of nowhere. After playing together for so many years, the jamming has become an integral part of the band. This is made evident by “The Steps of the Abysmal Pyramid” project, which includes some improvised jam sessions recorded at the rehearsal studio and made available to the public through the internet. These tracks are regarded as an equally important part of STONE SHIP's discography as are any official releases.

STONE SHIP’s first full-length album – titled “The Eye” – contains mere two tracks, each spanning a full side on a record. Regardless their length, the songs are kept interesting and versatile. The music progresses constantly, and repetition is almost nonexistent on doom metal standards.


1. The Ship Of Stone (22:27)
2. The Crooked Tree (23:49)

the hard side of life
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