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The Gasoline Solution


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


DARKNESS are finally back with a new album – entitled “The Gasoline Solution”, it is the band's first full-length-album since 1989!

The underground thrash heroes from the Ruhr Area are best remembered for their classic thrash slabs “Death Squad” from 1987 and “Defenders of Justice” from 1988; they sadly parted ways in 1990, but almost thirty years after the founding of DARKNESS, the band has decided to get together again for good, and of course, to write, play and record new music.
“Death Squad” and “Defenders of Justice” are both regarded as underground classics, and the new album “The Gasoline Solution” is a big step both for- and backwards for DARKNESS: back to the roots, and forwards into a future full of honest, badass thrash metal with all the right ingredients in it. But what does drummer and last founding member Lacky have to say about the album? “During the recording sessions we realized that the lyrics and the music felt as if they had been created some 25-30 years ago. We still feel the same rage, the same aggression. 'The Gasoline Solution' doesn't claim to be anything new, and it doesn't need to prove anything. It is simply angry thrash metal right from the heart; this is what we are, and so this is a great comeback album for us.”

Patrick W. Engel has done his best to give “The Gasoline Solution” a sound that goes beyond the trodden paths: “Absolutely. He definitely has mastered the art of balancing old school- and modern production methods perfectly.”

The classic old school cover artwork by Alexander von Wieding is another dead giveaway that DARKNESS have returned to where they come from. Without really trying, they managed to have all the trademarks of the first record on this one, so you get awesome midtempo parts, heavy riffs and some very beautiful guitar picking parts. “The Gasoline Solution” is the long-awaited completion of the “Darkness Trilogy” - Thrash till Death!


1. Tinkerbell Must Die
2. Another Reich
3. Freedom On Parole
4. Welcome To Pain
5. L.A.W.
6. Pay A Man
7. The Gasoline Solution
8. Dressed In Red
9. This Bullet's For You


Lee - Vocals
Arnd - Guitars
Meik - Guitars
Dirk - Bass
Lacky - Drums

the hard side of life
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