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Lifeless Allurement


Go Fuck Yourself Productions


German deathers EVOKED are back with a new MLP! Be prepared for a piece of disgusting and putrid filth like in the glory days of death. EVOKED is holding up the banner of pure old school death metal, the way it was meant to be. Terrifying - ear-crushing - brutal!
The band was formed by guitar-crusher Bonesaw in the middle of 2013, though the idea and a couple of riffs already existed long before. Later that year, Artilleratör joined on drums and soon first rehearsals took place. In January 2014, the demo „Return Of The Dead“ was recorded in Hellforge Studio by Marco Brinkmann, who also performed the bass on that record. German underground label Go Fuck Yourself Productions (GFYP) unleashed the demo in April 2014 on pro-done tape, limited to 150 copies. In the same year first live shows were played in which Kremator served as live/session member on bass-guitar. The demo was well received by the underground scene and sold out very quick. A second version with slightly different artwork was made to be sold at gigs. In the following years, a lot of gigs all over Germany were played and also stages in the Netherlands and Belgium were destroyed. Along that time some new material was written. EVOKED appeared on GFYP‘s 13th release, a 4-way split 7“ entitled „13“ with TURBOCHARGED, VIOLENTOR and OBSCYRIA. In late 2015, they recorded 5 tracks live at Go Fuck Yourself Studio which are going to be released now as their new 12'' MLP "Lifeless Allurement“.


1. Mangled, Torn & Eaten
2. Swallowed By The Void
3. Disintegrated Mind
4. Tremendous Existence
5. Lifeless Allurement


Bonesaw - Guitars / Vocals
Artilleratör - Drums

the hard side of life
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