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Whatever We Want!


Green Zone Music
Distribution: H'art


Why does a German Thrash Metal band cover STATUS QUO? Well, because it’s fun as hell, that’s why! To sweeten the waiting time for the next full-length record due in 2016, the German boys grabbed their instruments and paid tribute to the gods of boogie rock! After many weeks of rehearsing and lots of cramps in the fingers, it was clear: It is actually not that easy to play STATUS QUO songs but it’s fun as hell!! And exactly this fun has now been pressed onto the EP “Whatever We Want!”, which will be released Europe wide on September 25th. GODSLAVE does not try to play as good as or even better than the big Rock heroes of the 70s. The goal is to loosen up a little bit and allow yourself to just have a good time! And that’s exactly what the fans will have with “Whatever We Want!”! Original 70s Boogie Rock, Blues `n Rhythm, played by a German Thrash Metal band - check it out!


1. Caroline
2. Little Lady
3. Is There A Better Way
4. Oh Baby
5. Too Far Gone
6. Down Down

the hard side of life
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