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Genesis Reversed


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


BLIZZEN, along with Alpha Tiger and underground sensation Stallion, are at the forefront of the “new new wave of traditional German heavy metal”. Formed in February 2014 by Andi Heindl (guitars), Marvin Kiefer (guitars), Gereon Nicolay (drums) and Daniel Steckenmesser (vocals and bass), the band’s first mini-album »Time Machine« received rave reviews in the German metal press (winning them a lot of fans in the process). “Yeah, that’s quite unbelievable,” gleams bassist/vocalist Daniel Steckenmesser, spokesperson of Blizzen. “We simply recorded the music we liked. It’s a real surprise that there’s so many fans out there liking the same stuff as us.”

At the beginning of their career, BLIZZEN were compared to label mates Stallion maybe once too often. It’s totally likely that the new album »Genesis Reversed« will put to sleep those comparisons once and for all. The record features strong traditional metal tunes such as “Trumpets Of The Gods” (one of the best songs on the album) along with slightly speedier numbers such as “Masters Of Lightning” and “Skid Into Death”.

“We still stick to our musical roots but we have progressed in a certain way. We are 100% satisfied with how the album turned out,” says Daniel about how Blizzen approached the songwriting of the new record. “»Genesis Reversed« has more complex song structures and deeper lyrics compared to »Time Machine«.”

The main musical influences for BLIZZEN have stayed the same though: “We do love the old Teutonic metal stuff, Accept and Running Wild. And old German thrash as well. That’s maybe why we have this kind of ‘Teutonic’ edge to our style. But we are certainly not going out saying: ‘Right, let’s write a song which sounds like Tyrant.’ It would be quite ridiculous to think that, actually.”

Album-Teaser: youtu.be/ZYc9fZKqpWU


1. Intro - Anthem To A Distant Star
2. Trumpets Of The Gods
3. Masters Of Lightning
4. The Beast Is On Your Back
5. Hounded For Good
6. Genesis Reversed
7. Gone Wild
8. The World Keeps Still
9. Devil In Disguise
10. Bestride The Thunder
11. Skid Into Death


Daniel Stecki (Vokillz/Bass)
Andi Heindl (Guitar)
Marvin Kiefer (Guitar)
Gereon Nicolay (Drums)

the hard side of life
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