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Control All Delete


Ván Records / Soulfood


WARDENCLYFFE was founded in 2011 by Jacob Nordangård (ex. Captor and The Doomsday Cult), Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård and ex. The Doomsday Cult) and Micael Zetterberg (Terrorama and Spetälsk). The band is named after the Serbian inventor and genius Nikola Tesla’s experimental facility in New York which connects to the general thematic approach (science history, transhumanism, cybernetics, and occultism). The logo was designed by Finnish artist and musician Sami Hynninen.

In the summer of 2012 Jacob was about to defend his doctoral thesis (Ordo Ab Chao – The Political History of Biofuels in the European Union) and wondered if anyone had ever released a thesis with a soundtrack before. He guessed it was unusual and as the opportunity would never come back he decided to include a recording by WARDENCLYFFE. Irish artist Elaine Ni Cuana was hired to do the cover for the double release. It was probably the first doctoral thesis in the world with a doom metal cover. The recording was done in the studio Sound Lab with Marcus Lundberg two weeks before the dissertation. Thomas Sabbathi from Year of the Goat contributed with some great additional guitar work (including the brilliant intro). The songs that were included were “Orcadian Dream”, “Behind the Shadow of the Goat” and “Macroshift”. The promo/soundtrack received a lot of praise. German magazine Rock Hard elected it the demo of the month in July 2013 and Swedish magazine Close Up compilation Demolition 3 (with "Macroshift").

The band started to rehearse again in the autumn of 2013. The goal was set to record an album and bass player Emil Åström (Terrorama) was recruited. WARDENCLYFFE entered Studio Underjord in July 2014 for the recording of the full length debut “Control All Delete”. Joona Hassinen did an amazing job to make the visions come true. In August 2014 a deal was signed with German Ván Records.

Now a new glorious chapter is waiting to be written. Solo guitarist Robert Karlsson (Misericordia) is the latest addition to the band and in the summer of 2015 the work on the follow up record “The Temple of Solomon” will start.


1. The World Sensorium Pt.1
2. Orcadian Dream
3. Everlearning - Neverknowing
4. Merchants Of Doom
5. Macroshift
6. A Journey Through The Major Arcana
7. Externalization Of The Hierarchy


Jacob Nordangård (vocals, guitar)
Ola Blomkvist (guitar)
Robert Karlsson (lead guitar)
Micael Zetterberg (drums)
Emil Åström (bass)

the hard side of life
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