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Night Of The Hammer


Profound Lore Records
24.10.2014 (EU/RoW) , 27.10.2014 (UK) , 28.10.2014 (North America)


Known as one of America’s most cult underground heavy metal bands, DAWNBRINGER have always been one of the hidden gem ambassadors of true American metal, led by none other than acclaimed heavy metal musician/multi-instrumentalist visionary Chris Black. Lurking within the metal underground for almost 20 years now, Black (who also masterminds the rocking metal outfit High Spirits) has created a vision with DAWNBRINGER unlike any other band in American heavy metal today. Well-respected metal blog Invisible Oranges have even recently christened Black as “heavy metal’s last singer-songwriter.”

The new DAWNBRINGER album “Night Of The Hammer” is the perfect example of this. Comprised of ten stripped down singer-songwriter heavy metal odes trending even more towards rock territory, the songs from “Night Of The Hammer” display themselves as more mid-paced/slower-like melodic wonders that sway through beautiful guitar harmonics, with mostly straightforward time-signatures, and Black’s unique and glorious vocals we’ve always known for him to deliver. Musically “Night Of The Hammer” goes even more traditional and straightforward than any previous DAWNBRINGER album, with its classic metal vibe inherent throughout, the new album also incorporates a classic ‘70s vibe with even more of a doomier vibe as well at times. “Night Of The Hammer” could also very well be the most unique DAWNBRINGER offering, in vibe and structure, right behind/alongside 2006’s “In Sickness And In Dreams”.

Another chapter in the DAWNBRINGER legacy nonetheless is at hand and once again DAWNBRINGER are here to claim heavy metal as the law.


1. Alien
2. The Burning Of Home
3. Nobody There
4. Xiphias
5. Hands Of Death
6. One-Eyed Sister
7. Damn You
8. Not Your Night
9. Funeral Child
10. Crawling Off To Die

the hard side of life
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