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Hallow The Dead
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Ván Records
Distribution: Soulfood


The first rehearsals took place in 2004 when Goathammer (guit., vox. ), Stiff Old (guit., vox.) and Eyehate (drums) started their noisecelebrations in an old bunker. A number of songs had been written in that time and a first live gig took place. In 2005 Goathammer left the band and some months later S. Muerte (bass) and Randy Rots (lead-guitar) joined the band and DEATHRONATION was born.

After a number of rehearsals and live-gigs the band recorded the well adopted “A Soil forsaken” demo in October/November 2006. This 4-tracker contained the songs “Realm of Shadows”, “Beyond Relevation”, “Curse from the Grave” and “Marooned” and proved, that a nowadays band was still able to play oldschool Death Metal. After the release of “A Soil forsaken” DEATHRONATION played several gigs with bands like Dead Congregation, Golem, Necros Christos, Kaamos, Nocturnal Breed, Pentacle, Portrait, Sufferage, Blizzard, Warhammer and many more.

The following year saw the first of a number of upcoming line-up changes which left S. Old as the only remaining member. Needless to say, that the often advertised second demo never saw the light of day. In 2009 the band was finally put on ice. But it was always clear, that the DEATHRONATION flagship will gather momentum again. It took several months until the line-up problems had been solved. Now the band consists out of the strongest line-up ever. First, Mr. Freeze entered the band as a new drummer, soon after that S. Muerte rejoined the band on the bass guitar and Goathammer returned to complete the line-up as a constant guitar player. Weeks of intense rehearsals started to bring the band up the old level and nowadays even much higher.

So finally the second demo “Exorchrism” was recorded in 2011 by using analog equipment only. This demo was released as a CD version in cooperation of Dead Master’s Beat Records and Godeater Records. It was re-released for the USA market in a special digi-pack version with the “A Soil forsaken” demo as bonus by Metalhit Records. Finally a vinyledition containing a bonustrack was released by the well known underground label Iron Bonehead. On this label the last official release, was unleashed in early 2013, namely a split EP with Obscure Infinity.

During this time DEATHRONATION proved once again that their shows are full of energy and darkness. A number of intense live-gigs with bands like: Sadistic Intent, Venenum, Chapel of Disease, Funeral Whore and many others took place. The highlight so far was a true Death Metal underground European tour in November 2013 with Degial from Sweden and Obliteration from Norway and last but not least, a show at the PartySan-Tentstage in 2013.

All these activities have taken place without having a full-length release done so far. So finally 2013 was the year, when the recordings for the debut album “Hallow the Dead” started. A number of new and old songs have been recorded and it was obvious, that the time was more than ripe for DEATHRONATION to bann their tunes on a complete album. So 2014 will not only be the 10th year of the bands’ existence, it will also be the year of the release of their first full-length “Hallow the Dead”.


1. Deathchant Assyria
2. Spiritual Relief
3. Ghostwhipper
4. Beg For Your God
5. Church Of Salvation
6. Steelpanther's Fist
7. Realm Of Shadows
8. Age Of Whoros

the hard side of life
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