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Procul His
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Sepulchral Voice Records


2024: Procul His
Eons went by, civilisations have passed, Germany’s DROWNED have covertly completed the monumental "Procul His", to be released on January 26, 2024 on Sepulchral Voice.
A relentless cataract of meandering riffs, expanding and improving on every aspect of previous releases. Unrivalled, hauntingly mysterious, shaping another deviance of black in their corpus of penumbral aural hallucinations. Clocking in at 43 : 33 minutes, "Procul His" comprises eight songs that constantly evolve, oscillating between scorching death-thrash, punishing tremolo notes and doom-laden dirges. Active since about 2012, the line-up of T 1 (guitar), T 2 (drums) and G (vocals, bass) has produced an album that transcends time : rooted in the past yet gazing forward.

2014: Idola Specus
"Idola Specus", released in 2014 via Sepulchral Voice Records, marked the first full-length album release by a band that was originally founded 1992 in Berlin and has since gone through a good number of demos, line-up changes, split-ups and long comatose intervals. "Idola Specus" introduced new members T 2 and G while taking up the torch from where DROWNED left off with their mini-album "Viscera Terrae" in 2006. The album proved to be a valid statement to the gospel of Death Metal as it was meant to be played, with ›Drowned‹ stamped all over it. Emanating an aura of surreal morbidity with hints of doom and prog, esoteric and introspective as well as dark, heavy, and raw.
Throughout the years, DROWNED have played a twoweek European tour in support of "Idola Specus", as well as numerous club shows and festivals such as Hell’s Pleasure,Nidrosian Black Mass, Metal Mean, Til Dovre Faller, Incubate, Hellfest, Live Evil, Beyond the Gates, Kill-Town Death Fest (three times!), Party San (twice), etc.

2006: Viscera Terrae
First released in 2006 as a tape via Black Warcult and subsequently re-released on both CD and vinyl (via Worship Him and Nuclear Winter Records), "Viscera Terrae" marked the culmination of the early 2000s line-up Involving T 1 (guitars/bass), Theby (drums), and Mors Dalos Ra (vocals).


1. Star Tower
2. Phantom Stairs
3. Corpse God
4. Malachite Mirror
5. Man In Devil In Man
6. Blue Moth Vault
7. Seed Of Bones
8. Chryseos Vas


Drowned Tape, 1993 (demo 1)
Conquering the Azure Tape, 1995 (demo 2)
Aerth EP, 1995, Stormbringer Productions
Rehearsals Fall 2001 CD-R, 2002
Viscera Terrae Tape, 2006, Black Warcult
Viscera Terrae MCD, 2007, Worship Him
Viscera Terrae MLP, 2007, Nuclear Winter
Viscera Terrae MCD, 2012, Nuclear Winter
Rehearsal Demo 12/2012 2013, Sepulchral Voice
Alive Undead 1995 Tape, 2013, Home Taping Cruelties
Idola Specus LP/CD, 2014, Sepulchral Voice
Procul His LP/CD, 2024, Sepulchral Voice

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