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Who Mourns For The Morning Star
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High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


Midlands outfit CLOVEN HOOF must rate as one of the most legendary bands of the entire New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. The origins of the group go back to the year 1979, when they first formed under the name of Nightstalker. In 1981, however, the band switched to their new moniker: CLOVEN HOOF. Original vocalist David Potter, guitarist Steve Rounds, drummer Kevin Poutney and main man Lee Payne on bass adopted the stage characters of ‘Earth’, ‘Fire’, ‘Water’ and ‘Air’. A very interesting concept which was far ahead of its time. After recording demos of songs such as “Return Of The Passover” and “Nightstalker CLOVEN HOOF issued their debut vinyl 12” EP »The Opening Ritual« on Elemental Music in 1982 (today a precious collector’s item). In 1984, the self-titled Cloven Hoof album was released, followed by »Fighting Back« (1986), »Dominator« (1988) and »A Sultan’s Ransom« (1989). After splitting up in the 1990s, CLOVEN HOOF returned with a new line up in the 2000s.
»Resist Or Serve« from 2014 is now followed by the band’s brand new studio album »Who Mourns For The Morning Star?«. Lee Payne added some new blood to the CLOVEN HOOF line-up with American citizens George Call (on lead vocals) and Danny White (on drums), both formerly playing with Aska, being the new guys.

Musically, »Who Mourns For The Morning Star?« carries on where »Resist Or Serve« has left off. Lee Payne comments: “All my life I had a vision in my head what I wanted CLOVEN HOOF to sound like. Musically we had come close but I was never 100% happy with the vocalist. George has a world class voice and range and I want to utilise it fully with the scope of our music.”

Payne thinks that the new album is indeed the best the band ever recorded: “»Who Mourns For The Morning Star?« combines all the best qualities of the trademark CLOVEN HOOF sound but it is played better and the vocal delivery is off the scale. The full band width of the band is explored and there are epic tracks next to more hard hitting numbers that build and cover a whole spectrum of moods and atmospheres.”


1. Star Rider
2. Song Of Orpheus
3. I Talk To The Dead
4. Neon Angels
5. Morning Star
6. Time To Burn
7. Mindmaster
8. Go Tell The Spartans
9. Bannockburn


George Call - Lead Vocals
Lee Payne - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Luke Hatton - Lead Guitar
Chris Coss - Rhythm Guitar
Danny White - Drums And Percussion

the hard side of life
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