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The Skyline Fission


No Regrets Records (A division of No Remorse)
Distribution: H'art (G/A/S) & Plastic Head (UK & Rest of Europe)


Second full length album from Progressive Metalcore act SLAVEATGOD!

The band was formed in 2007. After endless rehearsing, they managed to melt together a sound of their own, combining metal-core grooves with heavy guitar parts and catchy melodies, which along with the brutal and clean vocal lines make the whole output sound fresh and varied. They have shared the stage with Devildriver, Suicidal Angels, W.E.B. and Descending among others and toured intensely around Greece.

• The recordings and editing of all instruments were done in Growl Studios, Athens while the vocal recordings and mix/ mastering of the album in Woodward Avenue Studios, Ontario, by Jon Howard.

• Line Up: The lead and background vocalist in “The Skyline Fission” album-in both growls and clean ones- will be Jon Howard, widely known for his work with his band THREAT SIGNAL. Chris Nanos, is the rhythm guitarist and owner of the Growl Studios in Athens. Hence, he is the main responsible for the guitar and bass recordings and editing. SinniK Al (also of Seduce The Heaven, Versus Heaven, I Bow Candles and solo instrumentalist) is the lead guitarist and occasional keyboardist, combining shredding with an intense melodic touch. Stelios Nanos is the bass player, chief songwriter and also main responsible for many of the keyboards, introduced in SLAVEATGOD’s newest release. Finally, Joni Moas contributes his technical and powerful drumming, combining groovy and modern drumming with extreme edges.

• Having Jon Howard on board, SLAVEATGOD is the best newcomer for fans of Progressive Technical Metalcore / Djent and fans of THREAT SIGNAL and MESHUGGAH.


1. Rumors About Steps Secure
2. The Weakened’s Rest
3. Wreck Age
4. Corridors’ Swirl
5. Downcast Parade
6. Guiding Blight
7. Ceased The Days
8. Last Solace Attempt

the hard side of life
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