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Let The World Know
Dead By April
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Spinefarm Records / Universal


THREE YEARS after the release of second studio album, ‘Incomparable’, Swedish five-piece Dead By April are back in business with follow-up outing, ‘Let The World Know’ – their first international release via Spinefarm Records. After two gold-selling albums at home, the Gothenburg group has refined and honed its studio craft to a fine point indeed; now, the dark parts are heavier, the fast parts even faster and the pop influences neatly woven throughout – there’s even a delicate piano ballad proving that the band has a diversity and a vision beyond any particular musical genre. Songwriter / guitarist Pontus Hjelm, who also produced ‘Let The World Know’, explains that the musicians have held true to the values that have been their trademark since 2007…

“But at the same time,” says Pontus, “we have added to the existing ingredients with every release. As an artist, it’s difficult to motivate yourself if you do the exact same thing over and over again.”

One obvious change is that singer ChristofferAndersson has replaced Jimmie Strimmel, joining Pontus, ZandroZantiago (vocals), Marcus Wesslén (bass) and Alex Svenningson (drums) in a line-up that – after an extended stint in the studio, striving to take the DBA sound to new and exciting highs – is now ready to hit the road hard both in Sweden and beyond…

“You know, the atmosphere within the band is now better than ever,” explains Pontus, “and everyone is really stoked about this new album. I usually don’t like to get too excited about these things, but the circumstances have never been as good as with the recording this time around. It all feels fantastic.”

LIFE HAS been pretty intense for Dead By April since the release of their self-titled debut album (through Universal) back in 2009; both that record and the follow-up, ‘Incomparable’, earned the band considerable accolades and success in their home country, with the ground-breaking debut hitting the No. 2 spot in the charts, and lead-off single, ‘Losing You’, now with a million hits on YouTube, going one better and topping those charts! With this level of out-of-the-box success, it wasn’t long before the rest of the world was opening its eyes and ears to the band’s unique combination of relentless metal and ultra-catchy melodies.

In support of ‘Incomparable’, DBA went around the world three times, and today they stand as one of Sweden’s biggest international live acts. In 2012, the five sold out Webster Hall in New York, going on to make a successful showing at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in front of 30,000 revellers. Indeed, more than a million people have experienced Dead By April live during the past two years, and now, in 2014, with the 13-track ‘Let The World Know’ poised for international release, it’s time to add to those numbers with a vengeance… RIGHT FROM the very start, it has been the ambition of Pontus and the guys to explore the extremes – from the ultra-heavy right through to the well-crafted commercial melody, and with Album Number 3, it’s clear that they have worked long and hard to turn this ambition into a truly impressive body of work; to make the blend of styles both seamless and natural, to create genuine light and shade, and to explore each end of the musical spectrum without compromise…

“When we started, we just wanted to do something that we enjoyed,” recalls Pontus, “essentially, because it was fun. There were no plans to sign big record deals or to conquer the world.”

Now – with a new line-up, a new album and a new atmosphere in the ranks – DBA are well placed to have more fun than ever; and to work harder than ever to drive their career to bold new heights.
Once again, it’s time to let the world know.

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