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Tartarus: The Darkest Realm
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No Remorse Records
Distribution: H'art (G/A/S) + Plastic Head (UK & Rest of Europe)


Set to a bleak and harrowing narrative, Däng’s “Tartarus: The Darkest Realm” is a progressive metal / hard rock concept record detailing some of the inhabitants of the pit of Hades in Greek mythology. Throughout 7 unique prog-metal entries, Tartarus is detailed vividly in loud and often brutal fashion. A compelling blend of Greek mythology, progressive idealism and gritty, dark rock / metal. The darkly melodic vocals, howling ambient touches, and old-school riffs set this band apart from modern hard rock. Däng produces a massive sound at times reminiscent of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Danzig, Tool, with a knowing nod to more gothic bands like The Mission UK.


• Debut full length album from North Carolina, USA Progressive Metal / Hard Rock act DÄNG

• Rank #1 at ReverbNation for Lenoir, NC (USA)

• Released on CD / vinyl format by No Remorse Records (Omen, Virtue, Medieval Steel, Masters of Metal etc) on January 27th, 2014

• Däng were chosen to be on Prog Magazine (Classic Rock UK) best unsigned bands’ awards (October 2013)

• “Progressive Metal - amazing, very heavy and deliciously evil concept album about the inhabitants of Hades. Kind of like Black Sabbath crossed with Tool and a bit of a dark gothic inspiration.” Prog Metal Zone

• “Tartarus: The Darkest Realm” – 7 track, 52 minute concept album is inspired by mythological suffering, detailing some of the inhabitants of the pit of Hades in Greek mythology

• The amazing cover painting is created by Scott Woodard and the 20-pages CD booklet includes additional artwork by Brian Beaver, all related with the concept of the album

• Däng line-up consists of Chris Church (guitar / vocals), Scott Cornette (guitar), Matt Lutton (bass) and Brian Beaver (drums)


1. Sisyphus
2. Salmoneus
3. Titans
4. Ixion
5. Danaides
6. Tityos
7. Tantalus


Chris Church (guitar / vocals)
Scott Cornette (guitar)
Matt Lutton (bass)
Brian Beaver (drums)

the hard side of life
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