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Dead Rising
Church Of Void


Svart Records / Cargo


Hailing from the barren wastes of southern Finland, Church of Void is a five man electrical rock band. Founded in 2010 by vocalist Magus Corvus, the band's first sign of life was the limited run EP 'Winter Is Coming'. Now signed to Finland's eclectic vinyl merchants Svart Records, Church of Void is gearing up for a full album release.

Self described as new wave of classic doom metal, Church of Void wears their influences proudly on both sleeves and cites their sound as deeply affected by classics such as Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Pentagram, but one can also hear overtones of Scandinavian downer rock in the vein of Mana Mana and Babylon Whores here and there. Thematically the band steers away from the popular occult current and focuses on levels of the human condition instead. "We write our material both as individuals and as a group, and most of it draws inspiration from archaic human instincts, needs and emotions", comments Corvus.

Already having played select gigs in Finland and working on dates abroad, Church of Void recorded their debut album in the spring of 2013. Titled 'Dead Rising', the album will hit the streets on August 30th on CD and LP.

the hard side of life
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