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Wild Racer


High Roller Records


Axxion (simply pronounced Action) is a new band from Canada, formed in the summer of 2012. The line-up consists of Chris Riley (bass, vocals), Alison Thunderland (drums, vocals), Sir Shred (lead guitar, vocals) and Dirty D Kerr (lead vocals, rhythm guitar). The band so far issued one E.P. »Wild Racer« is their debut album.

Guitarist Sir Shred comments: “Well, dude, it’s the first album with eight new tunes, one re-recorded tune from the E.P. and a secret cover tune by a great Canadian band. Hint for the cover is: Being pulled in some sort of a wagon by some horses or something. First dude to guess that one get’s a free twinkie … We’ve been working on »Wild Racer« for the last little while and it will be released in July 2013, followed by a couple week tour in Europe. There’s some really cool tunes on it but my favourite would have to be 'Tonight'. We’re shooting a video for it next month and it should be out in June 2013.” For bassist Chris Riley “Savage Avenger" is “probably the most well-known song of the band but he thinks “that everyone has a different favourite song from the E.P. There’s something for everyone.”

In July 2013 Axxion are booked to play the warm-up show of the legendary Headbangers Open Air festival in Itzehoe. “I think it’s gonna be awesome”, says Shred. “There’s nothing like playing in Germany, coolest shows ever. After the warm-up show we’re gonna attend the festival. I’ve wanted to go to this festival for years now but never had the chance. I think three days of beer, cigars and metal is going to be pretty sweet. I’ve seen Overkill a few times but it will be a first for the rest of the bands.”

Before Axxion drummer Alison and Shred played in Skull Fist, Dirty D Kerr in Midnight Malice. Chris Riley played in some kind of 'polka jazz reggae-core supergroup' …
Whereas I hear a lot of early Virgin Steele and maybe Helstar in Axxion, D.D. Kerr names bands such as Grim Reaper, Dokken, Tyran Pace, Riot and W.A.S.P. as the biggest influences.

Along with Sweden, Canada currently boasts a very lively underground metal scene (with bands like Alcoholator). How comes? “I’m not exactly sure what’s happening in Canada right now,” says Alison. “Maybe people here are just realizing that this style of music KICKS ASS and they not only want to hear it, but to play it as well. I think Canada has a lot of new bands that are quite different from one another, but have this same kind of underlying theme … maybe a Canadian theme? Ha, ha, I really don’t know, but whatever we’re doing over here, it’s working!” So do Axxion view themselves in the tradition of classic Canadian Metal acts like Anvil, Exciter and Razor? “Yes and no,” says D.D. “Bands like Reckless, Sword, Thor and that one Helix album … sure! But not so much those thrash guys. Anvil’s first three albums are pretty sweet though.”

Matthias Mader


1. Wild Racer
2. High Bars
3. On the Edge
4. Nightstalker
5. Stallion
6. Hard Rockin
7. Fireheart
8. Still Hungry
9. Tonight
10. Ride of the Chariots


Chris Riley - Bass, Vocals
Alison Thunderland - Drums, Vocals
Sir Shred Guitars -(lead), Vocals
Dirty D Kerr Vocals -(lead), Guitars (rhythm)

the hard side of life
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