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We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky
Opium Warlords


Svart Records / Cargo


It is justified to say that WE MEDITATE UNDER THE PUSSY IN THE SKY is the first noteworthy sign of life from its composer Sami Albert Hynninen (also known from ARMANENSCHAFT, AZRAEL RISING, THE CANDLES BURNING BLUE, KLV, MARCH 15, ORNE, THE PURITAN, REVEREND BIZARRE and SPIRITUS MORTIS) since the release of Opium Warlords’ debut album LIVE AT COLONIA DIGNIDAD in 2009 by Cobra Records. Three records’ worth of material has since been recorded, but only one song, Lament For The Builders Of Khara Khoto, was made public. Until now!

These three past years have been a period of almost complete reclusion, filled with the struggle to survive with various physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual issues. WE MEDITATE UNDER THE PUSSY IN THE SKY very honestly and truthfully represents this hermetic day by day life and psychic warfare against hostile surroundings, but draws elements also from times and situations dating back to as far as the years 2004 – 2008, before Opium Warlords had entered the world in its final form.

At the same time WE MEDITATE UNDER THE PUSSY IN THE SKY offers its listener a lurid glimpse of one person’s private hell/heaven, it – because of its unbelonging quality – also deals with the layers of human life that we all share; the primal elements that are the same in all of us.

Instead of being bound to one tradition or context the music is global in a pure and undegenerated sense of the word, and is meant to be heard by everyone – beyond all the scenes, groups, and genres – who has sensitivity, courage and willingness to open up their hearts and souls for the music and to literally gaze at, and, to be precise, to become one with extreme light and darkness. It is an invitation to worlds inside the artist but also the listener herself.

WE MEDITATE UNDER THE PUSSY IN THE SKY may appear a bit demanding at first, but quite contrary to any ulterior motives it was very sincerely and carefully produced to be as easily accessible as possible, constructed with some of the most natural and simple archaic musical elements and sounds that are present in the vibrational interaction we have with each other and the world around us, and which actually are already existing inside the human body itself.

Even if not perhaps entertainment per se, it may open up gateways to a different kind of luxuries of leisure, relaxation and self-consciousness, if you just allow it to access your life.

In the spring/summer of 2013 Opium Warlords is about to release the rest of the material from the 2010 Lohja sessions – which gave to WE MEDITATE UNDER THE PUSSY IN THE SKY the songs Sxi-meru, Slippy and This Wind Is A Gift From A Distant Friend – on an album titled TASTE MY SWORD OF UNDERSTANDING. This album was composed already in 2002. Production of the fourth Opium Warlords release, DRONER, has also already been started.

So far Opium Warlords has turned down all requests for live performances.


1. Sxi-Meru
2. Slippy
3. Lament For The Builders Of Khara Khoto
4. This Wind Is A Gift From A Distant Friend
5. Satan Knew My Secret Heart

the hard side of life
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