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Dominion (Re-Release)


Soulseller Records
Distribution Germany: Soulfood


An absolute black metal classic. Includes artwork as originally drawn for the release in 1997, 20 page booklet, liner notes by IT and 4 bonus tracks!Remastered by Michael Bohlin (Pain).

Ophthalamia is a fantasy-world created by IT, founder of this legendary Swedish black metal act.
Legendary? Well, Members of Ophthalamia have been involved with Dissection,Abruptum,War, just to name a few. Ophthalamia has been a leading force in the Swedish black metal scene from mid to late nineties. This is where the words black metal cult are truly relevant!


1. Elishias mistresses gather
2. Time for war
3. Final hour of joy
4. Great are the deeds of death
5. Eclipse of life (The eternal walk IV)
6. A black rainbow rising (Castle of no repair III)
7. Dominion
8. Legacy of the true (Death embrace me III)
9. Great are the deeds of death (Bonus track, rehearsal 1996)
10. Final hour of joy (Bonus track, rehearsal 1996)
11. Time for war (Bonus track, rehearsal 1996)
12. Sacrifice (Bonus track, rough mix 1997)

the hard side of life
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