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Sinful Birth


I Hate Records
Distribution: Soulfood (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands & Italy), Plastic Head (UK & Ireland), Sound Pollution (Sweden)


The year is 1986, a secret meeting is taking place on a remote obscure island in the middle of the Atlantic. Members of POSSESSED, DEATHROW (Ger), MORBID SAINT and MUTILATOR (Bra) gather their forces in order to do the best Speed (in both aspects) and create some raw filthy Thrash Metal!

This story obviously took place in another dimension… Though, when listening to “Sinful Birth”, the new and 2nd album from Swedish ANTICHRIST, the similarities are certainly there to be found! Six years have passed since the debut album, and we dare to say expectations are sky high on the new abomination the squadron have given us! ANTICHRIST have walked the classic underground (left hand) path since the foundation back in 2005; releasing demo tapes, delivering violent live performances all over the place (and the earth) and establishing themselves as one of the most respected artists in the underground Metal community.

Since the beginning the (morbid) vision has been to take everything to the ex­tremes and delivering raw, dark and uncompromising Thrash Metal. With “Sinful Birth” the group’s next step has been taken, adding speed, technicality and evil seed to the sound we got to know on the debut (an album, the members are still proud of).

With “Sinful Birth” the gates to hell have been opened, you’re welcome to join in (if you dare)!


1. Instruments of Sadism (intro)
2. Savage Mutilations
3. The Entity
4. Under the cross
5. The Black Pharaoh
6. Sinful Birth
7. Burned Beyond Recognition
8. Chernobyl 1986
9. Fall of the Temple of Solomon


S. Nilsson - Drums
G. Forslund - Guitar
A. Sunesson - Vocals
F. Runesson - Guitar
L. Henningsson - Bass

the hard side of life
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