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Hope Of Retaliation
The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist
Black Crucifixion


Soulseller Records
May 2011


BLACK CRUCIFIXION – “Hope Of Retaliation” (Digipack-CD / ltd. LP ; Midprice)

20 years of Metal in various shades of black.

Black Crucifixion pioneered Finnish black metal along with Impaled Nazarene and their fellow Lapland-dwellers Beherit. With the latter they originally shared some of their line-up.
After releasing the cult mini-albums “The Fallen One of Flames” (1992) and “Promethean Gift” (1993) Black Crucifixion reacted strongly against the growing popularity of black metal and went stealth. In 2006 the band surprised many with the release of “Faustian Dream” –album on which they had been secretly working on for ten years.
Now the band celebrates their 20th anniversary with a new album “Hope of Retaliation” and selected gigs. The nine songs and 39 minutes feature four new studio tracks combined with five fresh live versions of Black Crucifixion classics from throughout their career.
The album displays the aggressive northern edge of the band’s current incarnation and the song writing matches and at places even exceeds the finest moments of their previous decades.
The half new/half old-format of "Hope of Retaliation" is way to introduce the new audience to the music: The unique combination of black aggression and sense of atmosphere that Black Crucifixion evokes. This full-lenght album is midpriced so that also fans who already have the original versions of the older songs can appreciate the current – and best – era that the band has entered. "Hope of Retaliation" has been designed as a vinyl release which the band feels is the perfect lenght for a metal album.

BLACK CRUCIFIXION – “The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist” (Digipack-CD ; Midprice)

Hailing from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Black Crucifixion pioneered Finnish black metal in 1991 with “The Fallen One of Flames” mini-album. The band also professionally recorded their debut show in August 1991, which was later released on limited edition vinyl entitled “Satanic Zeitgeist”.
The beginning of Black Crucifixion involved also the other Rovaniemi black metal conspirators Beherit, as Black Crucifixion’s first line-up featured Beherit members and Beherit’s Holocausto Vengeance also co-produced “The Fallen One of Flames”. But the band’s creative core was always separate from Beherit. This period of the world’s northernmost black metal can now be heard on this special release.
In 2011 – after twenty years of metal in various shades of black – Black Crucifixion still stands as its own proud entity releasing their anniversary album “Hope of Retaliation”. And as the band that chose to stay stealth when black metal reached for the masses.


Forn: Voice, guitar
E.Henrik: Bass
V.S.Skorpius: Drums
E.R.Kill: Guitar

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