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Angels' Necropolis
Year Of The Goat


Ván Records / Soulfood


Deep in the winter of the year just past, under mysterious and clouded circumstances, the entities known as Year Of The Goat laid the foundations of the monolith that is soon to be unleashed as Angel’s Necropolis.

What initially resembled a twisted, black embryo has now, with constant care and gentle nurturing, emerged from its chrysalis in the image of a beautiful young woman.

Seemingly full-grown, she is eager to escape her present dark abode and rise into the night to harvest souls all over the world. As her hands are reaching for the chaos, her sensual appearance appears deadly yet sweet, a razor laced with the nectar of the golden apple of wisdom...

The music starts. All surroundings crumble, the structures vanishing into thin air... The manacles we thought we once valued are loosened and we at last are freed from the chains of lies. A pale choir erupts on sacred ground as the abyss cracks open. Green flames rise, so spirited and majestic, as the air is filled with death, the night with love...

Forgive us, we beg you, for we are getting ahead of ourselves...

The album Angels’ Necropolis is more than a mere collection of songs; it is a recollection of a fantastic chain of events wrenched from a state of reverie. It is an alternative gospel, a musical reverence to the Master, a harmonious companion to the Light-Bringer, a sublime hymn to Abraxas… For there within the album lies its own mythology: the story of the rise of Lucifer to the throne of the Overworld.

“In the designated graveyard for angels, in the Angels' Necropolis, there towers one majestic tree, grown tall from absorbing the putrid secretion of once mighty heavenly creatures, now deceased. Through aeons of drinking angelic fluids this feather-leafed giant, with bulging red veins pulsating on its blackened trunk, has amassed angelic powers and qualities in its sap sufficient to fuel cosmic upheaval and even burst open the very Gates of Heaven. For the chosen, the archangels at God’s right hand, the powers within the sap are available for consumption, a temptation set out by God to test the loyalty of those closest to his throne.

“But for the one fallen archangel – Lucifer, the one for whom there can be no redemption – the sap of the tree offers boundless possibilities; and determined to re-enter the House of God and wage war with his hordes he comes to the Angels' Necropolis to claim its powers. Hacking through the veins of the tree, he drinks of the sap, traverses the celestial spheres and swings apart the Gates of Heaven, that all his demons might enter.

“In the ensuing battle amongst the columns of Heaven Lucifer triumphs over the Father. Capturing him he strips him of his armour for he himself to wear. Lucifer then turns to the weeping Son who laments his Father’s fall and gives him two options: Jesus may either stay in Heaven and rule under him on a lesser and lower throne, or he may take Lucifer’s place as the earthbound ruler of the world and thereby have his own kingdom.

“Jesus falls; Lucifer rules; God trembles; and all around the soil of the Angels’ Necropolis is drenched with blood from angels newly-slain from which its tall guardian might satiate its thirst once more.”

The songs on Angels’ Necropolis revolve around the themes of liberation, of fulfilment of self, of knowledge, of intelligence, of independence and of inconsequence, a necessary statement in this world of today where religious hysteria and the need to belong, to run with the sheep, is stronger than ever.

In simpler terms, we lay forth seven tracks from the heart dedicated to you-know-whom to unleash the ultimate force to make the unworthy, the puny and the contemptible dwindle in their shameful grief, that they may bow their heads in utter senseless despair in the knowledge of their own false existence...

This, of course, needs to be seen and heard through one’s own eyes and ears. So over the past fifteen months those who call themselves Year Of The Goat have together cut their teeth and sharpened their fangs on stages across Northern lands, proving themselves worthy participants in the mystical encounter that is each and every concert.

The question now is: are you worthy? The Goat has always walked alone, true to its own mind, but you who choose to join forces will find in it a powerful ally.

The Year Of The Goat is truly upon us all…

the hard side of life
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