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E x | I s t


Debemur Morti Productions
16.05.2011 (World)
20.05.2011 (Germany, Distribution: Soulfood)


Conceived within the lesser-explored, darkest / blackest recesses of the mind and residing on the edge of lunacy, ‘E x | I s t’ is an examination of the emptiness, numbness and futility of life. Bleak, hypnotic, obscure and eerie, this is a harrowing cocktail of anguished, emotive Black Metal despondency. A maelstrom of melancholy communicated through archaic harmonies and tormented vocals. Do we live or do we merely breathe? Infestus has been streamlined into a one-man entity and Andras’ attack on this new exploration is sharper and more intense than hitherto, a soul-searching voyage that brings the listener to the very cusp of schizophrenia (and beyond); to be forever plagued by the tendrils of (un)reality. As the personal trauma intensifies, the mind is ceremoniously fragmented, leading to catatonia and a relentless decline into an unresponsive state. The individual personality is corroded; irreversible breakdown takes hold. The body remains but it is now a shell; nothing worthwhile dwells within. As past meets present, life as we know it has ceased. Pure, distilled lamentations accompany the protagonist on a downward spiral to the depths of depravity, where repression and degeneration await. Pitiful nothingness remains; life transmuted into shallow non-existence. E x | I s t ... desist.


1. Akoasma
2. Down Spiral Depersonification
3. Darkness Blazing In The Flame Of Fire
4. Torn Observer
5. Mirror Mind Reality
6. Der Blick hinaus
7. Descend Direction Void

the hard side of life
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