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On May 19th 2023 German Post Black Metallers HERETOIR will release a new mini-album entitled "Wastelands", featuring 3 new tracks that will take the listener on an intense journey.

Starting with the raging "Anima" which deals with the urge to free yourself from the iron shackles that society puts on us humans. Our true inner potential is kept surpressed by 24-7 pressure to perform and numbing consumerism. "Anima" can be understood as a scream to 'free your mind and live your life to the fullest'. The following "At Dusk" transports the listener towards a bleak end with the crushing "Wastelands" that deals with the destruction of our source of life – planet earth. Humans seem to have a 'suicidal urge' to destroy what keeps us alive. The song is a requiem on the downfall of the human race.

The release is rounded off by 3 studio live recordings of HERETOIR's most well-known and successful tracks of their previous release "The Circle". This mini-album might make you question the status quo.

Official Video Clips: Anima +++ Wastelands +++ At Dusk


1. Anima
2. At Dusk
3. Wastelands
4. Golden Dust (live)
5. Exhale (live)
6. The White (live)

Photo Credit: Toni B. Gunner

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Download 300dpi printable (9,4 MB)

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