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The Malefactor’s Bloody Register
Vulture Industries


Dark Essence Records / Karisma / Soulfood
05.11.2010 (GER)


The progressive and experimental extreme metal band Vulture Industries, is ready with their 2nd album called "The Malefactor’s Bloody Register". Their debut, "The Dystopia Journals", got excellent reviews all over the European press, which resulted in several tours alongside bands like Dark Fortress, Taake, Helheim, Atrox, Panchrysia and more, as well as festival appearances at Inferno Festival and others. As a live band, they've got great reviews for their technical and tight performance, and they really stick out with the weird antics of vocalist Bjørnar Nilsen. The band has a unique and special sound, which is both very complex and at the same time catchy and to the point. With this 2nd album, they’ve really made their style their own.

“The Malfactor’s Bloody Register” was recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studios with Bjørnar Nilsen, and was mastered by Brian Gardner (Isis, NIN, David Bowie). The album also features a guest performance by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved) on hammond organ, and performers on cello, viola and saxophone.

With a highly energetic live show, a very distinct sound and the manic performance of vocalist Bjørnar Nilsen, this is a band you won't miss out on.


1. Crooks & Sinners
2. Race For The Gallows
3. The Hangman’s Hatch
4. The Bolted Door
5. This Cursed Flesh
6. I Hung My Heart On Harrow Square
7. Crowning The Cycle
8. Of Branded Blood


Bjørnar E Nilsen – vocals, synth, programming
Øyvind Madsen – guitars, backing vocals
Eivind Huse – guitars, backing vocals
Tor Helge Gjengedal – drums, backing vocals
Kyrre Teigen – bas, backing vocals


The Enemy Within (demo 2004)
The Benevolent Pawn (demo 2005)
The Dystopia Journals (CD, Dark Essence Rec. 2007)
The Malefactor’s Bloody Register (2010)

the hard side of life
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