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I Will Remain
Whyte Ash


Record Heaven / Transubstans Records / Indigo


A final tour is made with the 70´s sounding heavyrock/doomband Burning Saviours in December 2007. Around that same time a rockband called Grand Frontiers looses their vocalist. Both bands call it a day in early January 2008. Members from Burning Saviours (Mikael Monks and Henry Pyykkö) and members from Grand Frontiers (Isak Ahlman, Jimmy Thell and Andreas Eriksson) deciedes that it was time to form a real fucking heavy metal band and Whyte Ash was born. A three song demo was recorded in late February 2008. Releasing the demo for free over the internet turns out to be a good choice. Lot of people download the songs and great reviews is published in both Sweden Rock Magazine and local Nerikes Allehanda. Whyte Ash soon find themselves as support act for H.e.a.t and Sabaton at Club 700 in Örebro. After that amazing gig Whyte Ash signs to Denomination Records (Record Heaven/Transubstans Records). The debut album "I Will Remain" is recorded in January and February 2010.


01. Hail Me As Your God
02. I Will Remain
03. I Burn
04. Die Alone
05. I Will Remain part II
06. The Calling
07. War
08. Shadow of Light
09. Blackened Heart
10. The End

the hard side of life
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