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Last Station On The Road To Death
Hell Militia


Debemur Morti Productions
Distribution - Germany: Soulfood


Conceived around the turn of the millennium, HELL MILITIA has the sole intention of delivering intelligent, dedicated Black Metal. Featuring members of celebrated hordes such as ARKHON INFAUSTUS, ANTAEUS, SECRETS OF THE MOON, TEMPLE OF BAAL and MÜTIILATION, HELL MILITIA has evolved independently into a genuine, bona-fide band. The sophomore album "last station on the road to death" – comprising seven originals and a GG Allin cover - is darker, subtler, more focused and more mature than anything the band has recorded hitherto. You sit in the ultimate departure's lounge. Trembling. Soon you'll embark on the final leg of your journey. Destination: death. Discarded chaotically around you – like unwanted gifts – is the wreckage of another wasted life. A tangled web of deception, deceit, betrayal and ignorance. The baggage of your life is a litany of shattered dreams, broken promises, forlorn hopes, pathetic achievements and worthless acquisitions. This is your life. This is who you are. There has been no meaning to any of it. Every selfish breath was in vain. Your life is rubble. Scattered here, abandoned there... this is the sum total of a lifetime's work. It amounts to nothing. No value can be placed on your pointless existence. Your number is called. You walk slowly towards the departure gate. The bells chime as a condemned man shuffles onto the platform. Dead man walking. There is nothing to fear; no need to resist. For this is a journey we must all negotiate. Waiting at the last station on the road to death, take this opportunity to reflect on the hollowness of your deeds, then let HELL MILITIA escort you to your final destination.


1. Always The Same
2. Born Without Light
3. Unshakable Faith
4. Et Inferno Ego
5. The Ultimate Deception
6. Fili Diaboli
7. Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify
8. The Pig That Became a God
9. Last Station on the Road to Death

the hard side of life
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