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Twilight Of The Apocalypse
Antares Predator


Battlegod Productions / Twilight
February 2010


No flesh shall be spared as we blast off the new decade with Antares Predators debut full length "TWILIGHT OF THE APOCALYPSE". Members with a history from Keep Of Kalessin, Scariot, Harm and Belphegor, have joined forced to produce a monumental metal attack with a broad range of genre influences; From the slow and heavy "Sacrament", to symphonic black metal at blasting 260bpm in "Mark 13". From whirling thrash to the technical and progressive. Antares Predator wreak musical havoc, as we fall into the void in the twilight of the apocalypse.


1. Downfall
2. BBQ Epilogue
3. Wastelands
4. As Dragons Roam The Sky
5. Sacrament
6. Mark 13
7. Orion
8. Through The Deep
9. Twilight Of The Apocalypse
10. Death


Øyvind Winther – Guitars and SFX
Steffan Schulze – Vocals
Mikal Svendsen – Bass
Jan Benkvitz (session) - Drums


Øyvind Winther, (aka Warach), started working on a solo project under the banner “Wolf 327” in Trondheim, Norway 1994. The music was melodic and orchestrated metal with basis in guitars combined with samples from Digitracker on the Atari Falcon 030. Wolf 327 would stay in the shadow of Warach's main band Keep of Kalessin from 1995-99 which he left after the recording of Kalessin's 2nd album "Agnen"

A 3 track Wolf 327 demo was recorded in 1998 featuring Ståle S. (aka DJ Savitri) on vocals. It brought the project close landing a record deal but Warach wanted to gather a complete lineup before moving on. Keep of Kalessin drummer Vyl joined forces as Kalessin was put on ice around 2000. Vegar Harkjerr (The Apparatus / Third Kind) ended up as the new singer, soon followed by Stig Hegge and Mikal Svendsen. A demo was recorded in 2002 with Keep of Kalessin singer Ghâsh , but as it was mainly done to try some new microphones and equipment, it was never sent to lables or distributed in any way.

In 2003 Warach and Mikal S. moved from Trondheim to Oslo, splitting up the band. Antares Predator would lay dormant for some years untill Alex (Macabre Omen) that released the first Keep Of Kalessin demo in 96, got back in touch. Hearing Antares Predator was in need of a drummer, he introduced Italian BM drummer Gionata Potenti (Frostmoon Eclipse) that during the summer of 2006 completed a couple of Antares Predator recordings in Italy, resulting in the MCD “Banquet of Ashes” (released December 2007 by “The Oath”)

Gionata was replaced by German drummer Jan Benkvitz (aka Blastphemer) shortly after recording the MCD, and Steffan Schulze (Harm / Scariot) completed the new lineup for the recording of the upcoming full lenght "Twilight of the Apocalypse" scheduled for mixing in October 2008 Kohlekeller Studios (Germany).

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