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My Own Grave


Pulverised Records / Soulfood


Three years after the debut full-length and a mini-album in between, Sweden’s MY OWN GRAVE comes back strong with a darker, denser and merciless form of Death Metal with their second effort “Necrology”. This is a nasty slab of supreme machine-gun riffs, intensely paced songwriting and with a sound so sinister, “Necrology” will arguably be one of the elite releases in 2009; chained with the abhorrent sound of old Swedish Death Metal and merging with the face-melting brutality of US Death Metal!

This is simply straight-up Death Metal with class, not for the weak of heart!

Features the superb production duties handled by multi-instrumentalist maestro Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden (Dissection, Dark Funeral, etc) and killer album artwork courtesy of illustrator / tattooist Jon Zig (Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Sinister, etc).

"When I hear albums like this, it makes me proud to be a part of the Swedeath phenomenon. Great songs with well-crafted hooks and a musicianship to die for. The perfect blend between old-school and modern Death Fucking Metal!!" - Dan Swanö / Unisound


1. Awaiting Death
2. Necrology
3. Hail The Blind
4. None Shall See
5. Disciples Of War
6. Cerecloth
7. Bloodline Broken
8. Exhumed To Be Buried
9. Age Of Torment
10. Carnal Revelations
11. Incineration


Mikael "Aron" Aronsson - Vocals
Anders Härén - Guitar, backing vocals
Max Bergman - Bass, backing vocals
Stefan Kihlgren - Guitar
John Henriksson - Drums


My Own Grave is a Swedish Death Metal band founded in April 2001. They released four self-produced demos before signing with Karmageddon Media (ex-Hammerheart) in 2004.
The debut album Unleash was recorded in Necromorbus Studio, and produced by Widda (Diabolical, Demonical).

Unleash was released in January 2006, worldwide by Plastic Head, but Karmageddon went out of business and it was never promoted.

Since the material on Unleash was a combination of old demo songs, and material written in 2004, My Own Grave decided to start writing for a new album.

In September My Own Grave were offered to tag along with Setherial on their European Tour of December 2006, and since they did not want to tour with their old Unleash material, a decision was made to release the new songs as a mini-album. My Own Grave signed with Pulverised Records, and a limited edition of the upcoming mini-album was printed for the tour.

The five tracks strong mini-album was named Unholy, and changed My Own Grave's sound by moving away from their thrashy roots, towards traditional death metal. Important pieces in this conversion were John's fast blastbeats, Aron's change from screams to deep growling vocals, and an improved musicianship overall. Unholy was once again produced by Widda at Necromorbus Studio

Unholy received critical praise worldwide and was named best album of the month in Close-Up Magazine, issue 92. Til' this day it still holds an average score of 8.3 / 10!

Unholy was released in March 2007, and that year My Own Grave toured Sweden and Scandinavia with bands like Vital Remains, and God Among Insects. In April 2008, My Own Grave decided to focus on finishing the new album, not knowing how long it would actually take before the album would be released.

The new album was recorded mostly in My Own Grave's own studio Blastbeat in Sundsvall, in September-November 2008. Mixing and mastering was handled by legend Dan Swanö at Studio Unisound. The amazing cover and booklet artwork was created by Jon Zig whom the band contacted after seeing his work for Suffocation. Both artwork and master was ready for release in March 2009, but logistical trouble arose for Pulverised Records and the album was not released until July 20th.

The album is called Necrology, an appropriate title since the lyrical theme is death throughout human history.

the hard side of life
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