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I Speak Of The Devil


Spikefarm Records / Soulfood
21.08.2009 (GER)


Blutvial is an unholy alliance through which pitch black metal is created, forged by guitarist/bassist/drummer Aort, whose musical pedigree consists of avant-garde black metallers < code > and Decrepit Spectre. His partner in crime, multi-instrumentalist Ewchymlaen is formerly known as the guitarist-vocalist of black metallers Reign of Erebus and Acolyte's Ruin. Together they represent British black metal at it’s most damned and violent.

Blutvial’s debut release was the hellish seven-inch single ‘Full Moon Possession which was released by Ledo Takas Records in June 2007. This merely hinted at the unrelenting barrage of gruesome black metal that Blutvial have created with their debut album which will be unleashed by Spikefarm Records in July 2009.

‘I Speak of the Devil’ is a merciless attack of primal black metal encompassing a range of weapons through which to punish the listener. From the early 90s homage of album opener ‘Full Moon Possession’ to the D-Beat hell of ‘Serpent Procreation’. From the gaping chasm of doom opened in ‘1584’ to the epic resolution of ‘Hiraeth’. ‘I Speak of the Devil’ is a tour-de-force of hellish violence wrapped in an unforgiving barbed-wire laced production.

Step into the unholy world of Blutvial and commune with darkness itself.


01. Full Moon Possession
02. Seethe My Darkness
03. Raging Winds
04. 1584
05. Serpent Procreation
06. Dawn Divides the Darkness from the Light
07. Our Hallowed Bones
08. Hiraeth


Aort (guitar, bass, drums)
Ewchymlaen (vocals, guitar)


Full Moon Possession 7" 2007
I Speak Of The Devil 2009

the hard side of life
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