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Big Robot


Karisma Records / PHD
June 2009


Big Robot is a musical collective, though the bands core is Per Sjøberg and Ole Christensen. Inspired by bands like The Residents, Coil, Neu! and Kluster, Big Robot makes soundscapes which can remind you of the golden age of electronic music. Big Robot’s music has been described as "avant-garde free-jazz meets industrial ambient", but the band prefers to use the more simple term "Cosmic Industrial".

On their debut, ”Aquafit", the band has brought in Joakim Langeland from Oslo and the legendary Conrad Schnitzler (born in Dusseldorf 1937). Schnitzlers philosophy and uncompromised expression is the building blocks on this exciting release. Schnitzler started the legendary Zodiak Club in 1969 and was an early member of Tangerine Dream. He also founded the band Kluster. After that, he’s had a diverse and fascinating solo career, and is still very much a vital artist when it comes to experimental and new music.

This summer, Big Robot will do a small tour with Amon Düül II, and Kjetil Manheim (original Mayhem drummer) will handle the drums. As a coincidence, Conrad Schnitzler contributed on Mayhem’s debut album "Deathcrush" with the intro "Silvester Anfang", an intro Mayhem still use to this day. Jonas Almquist from legendary punk band Leather Nun will also appear live with Big Robot.

“Aquafit” is a must for all fans of Conrad Schnitzler and the early Kraut Rock scene!


1. Dyrenes Dronning
2. Coca Kohle
3. Psychic Joker
4. Aquafit
5. Dall
6. Gow
7. Dollgau Zugschlüss
8. Birds
9. Wild Mix
10. Back To The Beast


Ollis Christensen
Per Sjøberg
Joakim Langeland
Conrad Schnitzler

the hard side of life
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