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Versus All Gods


Evil Dead Productions / Shivadarshana


Finally unleashed: 'Versus All Gods' - the anticipated 9th full armageddon manifesto from Asia's most notorious Godz of War IMPIETY!

Ten tracks of uncompromising, lightning fast Black Death Metal savagery that mocks and scorns mankind, spits fire and fury unto the face of useless deities, and bludgeons pathetic civilisation to dust! Nothing is spared! The Grand Kovenant of Kaos of 30 long and brutal years, exalts IMPIETY second to none when it comes to their metal to the bone attitude, diehard dedication to the unholy art of desecration, long and hard touring destroying continents across the planet! Recorded, mixed and mastered in Bialystok, Poland at Hertz with both Wojtek & Slawek Wieslawsk. Hellustration by the infamous Jenglot Hitam. Guest appearances by Wenceslas Carrieu (Necrowretch) and Henriette Bordvik (Abyssic).

Available on 20th January 2020 on DigiCD & also Limited Deluxe DigiBox via: https://www.edp-store.com


1. Intro: Kommand IX
2. Reigning Armageddon
3. Djinn Of All Djinns
4. Barbarian Black Horde
5. Azazel
6. Inviktus Satanikus
7. Terror Occult Dominion
8. Dajjal United
9. Interstellar Deathfuck
10. Magickal Wrath


Shyaithan - Bass / Vocals
Iszar - Guitars
Dizazter - Drums


The Grand Beast of War Black Metal, IMPIETY descended upon earth 1990, Bedok South - SINGAPORE, under invocation from early Bathory, Hellhammer, Sarcofago and old extreme cult bands. 30 infernal years on and founding frontbeast Shyaithan (Ariffeen Deen) on Bass / Guitars / Vocals who composes every opus the band has unleashed, continues defiantly to crush all boundaries, pushing extremity beyond limits, conjuring much success over the course of the band’s firm infernal dominion.
IMPIETY are infamous for their ‘raw-power’ aggressive revelations, notably hyper artillery fast drumming, violent guitar electrocution and the barbaric law made flesh of simply: Crush, Kill and Destroy! 24 official releases, the band has worked with record companies like Shivadarshana Recs, Osmose Productions, Agonia Recs, Pulverised Recs and previously Hells Headbangers Recs. Monumental Full Length Albums 9 in total, crafted and unleashed: Asateerul Awaleen (1996), Skullfucking Armageddon (1999), Kaos Kommand 696 (2002), Paramount Evil (2004), Formidonis Nex Cultus (2007), Terroreign (2009), Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny (2011), Ravage & Conquer (2012), Versus All Gods (2020).

The band’s earlier formation bullet riddled with changes due to hardships of maintaining a dedicated and full time line-up, has taken Shyaithan across continents from Singapore, to Mexico, Japan and Italy and now since early 2012 firmly located in back in Singapore with a current 3 man regiment. Drummer Dizazter (Louis Rando) currently is based in Perth, Australia and flies regularly into Singapore to work with IMPIETY. The band has toured extensively over Europe/USA/Central and South America/Japan/Asia over the long years as a Headliner as well as main support to notable black and death metal acts.

In 2018, IMPIETY signed again with Shivadarsahana Records, that very first label IMPIETY worked with during their ‘Salve The Goat’ 7”EP 1993 and debut album ‘Asateerul Awaleen’ 1995. In March, the band recorded their 9th Full Length album ‘Versus All Gods’ in Poland @ Hertz Studios which was set for release Summer 2018. The band was also forced by the label to record an additional 3 songs for an upcoming 12”EP release. Thinking it all will go well, the band got screwed by Shivadarshana citing family/personal problems as the main reason the album was sitting on the shelf for nearly 2years. With the help of Evil Dead Productions, fans and legions worldwide now finally have the album in their hands 20th January 2020!

Armed with yet another brilliant manifesto of demonic savagery IMPIETY continues its notorious campaign of trample and conquer, exerting further its fierce and unmerciful domination – far throughout the Underworld.

Photo Credit: Marcin Pawlowski

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