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Non Voglio Morire


Casket Music / Copro Productions / PHD


Italian Death Metal prime movers Resurrecturis will release their third CD, “Non Voglio Morire” (I don’t want to die), for Casket Music, a sub-label of Copro Productions (Cancer, Desecration, Earthtone 9, etc.).
This release will come in a double digipack edition with an additional DVD including the videoclip the band has made for the song “The Fracture”, some live songs and other special content. “Non Voglio Morire” features 13 songs for a total of nearly 60 minutes.
All songs and lyrics were written by founding member, Carlo Strappa (guitar).
The album was recorded at Acme Studio and mixed at Potemkin Studio with Paolo Ojetti of Infernal Poetry at the mixing desk.
Musically the album includes many different styles that go from the grinding ferocity of “The Origin” or “Fuck Face”, to the acoustic melodies of “In Retrospective” and everything else that’s in between.
“Non Voglio Morire” is the first chapter of a strongly autobiographic two-album project.
The first episode is dedicated to the author's lifelong search through artistic creation. The album tells a story that begins when an angry little teen picks a guitar and tries for the first time to give shape to his thoughts and views. More than 20 years later the search is not over and continues when a fully grown man gets home from work in the evening.


The Origin
Fuck Face
Corpses Forever
The Artist
Save My Anger
Calling Our Names
After The Show
The Fracture
Away From The Flock
Where Shall I Go From Here?
Walk Through Fire
In Retrospective


"The Fracture" Videoclip
Making of

the hard side of life
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