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Through Forests of Nonentities
Dead Eyed Sleeper


Supreme Chaos Records / Soulfood


Having released two successful underground-Death-Metal records under the banner of Legacy and after several line-up changes, the German musicians Corny Althammer (also in AHAB), Peter Eifflaender, Stephan Wandernoth (also in AHAB), Thomas Amann and Sam Anetzberger (also in Fragments of Unbecoming) formed DEAD EYED SLEEPER to live out their passion for a more complex form of Death Metal and to dedicate themselves to the creation of inspiringly various and musically demanding songs that would neither sound alike nor step back from influences of other musical genres.

As a first step in 2007, DEAD EYED SLEEPER joined Musicaz Records to release their well-acclaimed debut album "In Memory of Mankind" featuring 11 tracks of multifaceted Death Metal. Yet, the band felt that they hadn't reached their peek as far as their songwriting was concerned and that their musical vision hadn't been completely fulfilled. Thus, they didn't hesitate to devote the following year to the writing process of the follow-up record, this time placing special emphasis on the structure and arrangements of both the respective songs and the album as a whole.

Finally in summer 2008, DEAD EYED SLEEPER entered the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Deadborn) to work together with the renowned producer Christoph Brandes, as they felt the songs required an optimum in sound to meet the high demands they themselves put on their music. The final result overreaches all expectations: Groove and authenticity go hand in hand with virtuosity and innovation accompanied by an impressive range of different vocal styles. Thus, the record profits from an astonishingly versatile and complex approach to Death Metal, which clearly provides a distinctive recognition value. But judge for yourself and enjoy a transparent yet powerful and dynamic production, not to mention the impressive artwork.

DEAD EYED SLEEPER joined Supreme Chaos Records in 2009 and will unleash their new album "Through Forests of Nonentities" on May 15th 2009.


01. Of Wires and Lenses
02. Cage of Immaturity mp3
03. The Savage Plague
04. Metamorphine
05. Eye Am Glowing Pulse
06. The Sleep
07. Enigmatic Conniption
08. The Undercurrent
09. Outstripping the Meander

the hard side of life
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