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In The Light Of Darkness (The Covenant Of Death)


Regain Records / Soulfood


UNANIMATED is by far the most authentic Swedish melodic death metal band ever. Formed back in 1989 the band became a legend after releasing two masterpieces called “The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” (1993) and the highly acclaimed “Ancient God Of Evil” (1995). Since the band split up in 1996 nearly all melodic death metal acts worldwide stated that UNANIMATED is one of their biggest influences.

This awesome good act with a shade of black metal influence is without doubt one of the most incredible formations from the early years of Swedish Death Metal. Now they are back with the following line-up: Richard Cabeza (ex-Dismember, ex-Murder Squad, ex-General Surgery), Peter Stjärnvind (ex-Entombed, ex-Face Down, Nifelheim, Krux), Johan Bolin (ex-Zebulon), Micke Jansson (Celestial Pain).

After re-releasing their first two legendary albums Regain Records is proud to announce a new UNANIMATED album in 2009! The legend is back!


1. Ascend With the Stench of Death
2. Retribution in Blood
3. The Endless Beyond
4. Diabolic Voices
5. In the Light of Darkness
6. The Unconquered One
7. Enemy of the Sun
8. Serpent's Curse
9. Death to Life
10. Strategia Luciferi

the hard side of life
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