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Cyclone Empire
Distribution Germany: Soulfood


SEMLAH hails from Stockholm, Sweden and was formed in 2001 by ex-COUNT RAVEN bass-player Wilbur together with six-string guitar wizard Thomas Johnson. After adds on the internet and the following auditions they found Johannes Bergh a powerhouse drummer and Joleni with clean, classic soaring vocals, an epic power doom juggernaut was born.
SEMLAH, named after a seasonal pastry or an ancient siege-ladder, depending on which story you want to believe, have been mostly doing gigs around Sweden but even a few festivals in Europe, for instance the very first edition of mighty Doom Shall Rise in 2003 in Germany, and the Belgian Doom Night in 2006.
The first demo "Ruin" self-released in 2001, received a lot of attention from fans and press and it was a great start for the band. Then followed an EP "Suffering in silence" 2004, available through Cyclone Empire Records. A song from this EP, ‘Vortex of regression’, also appeared, re-mastered, on the "A Dark World" compilation CD 2004 released by Final Chapter Records.
After a period with car accidents, old band-reunions and various side-projects, the band has managed to stay together and write new material and rehearsing regularly.
The first full-length album is now released on Cyclone Empire. Mixing and mastering is once again handled by engineer Patrik "Purgatory" Edstrom who previously worked on "Suffering in Silence" and the artwork is done by Lars Rehnberg, responsible for all previous artwork.
So, after the release of the self-titled album the plan is to get back out on the road to perform these new songs starting with a few warm-up gigs in Sweden and then again an appearance at the Doom Shall Rise festival in Göppingen, Germany this April 17th/18th.


01 - From The Seat Of False Judgement
02 - Path Of A Waning Moon
03 - Axioms Of Life
04 - Perennial Movement III
05 - Machination
06 - Manifestations Obscure
07 - Perennial Movement II
08 - Frayed Wings
09 - Beyond Salvation
10 - My Spirits Fail
10 - Havoc


Bass: Tommy “Wilbur” Eriksson
Drums: Johannes Bergh
Guitar: Tomas Johnson
Vocals: Johan “Joleni” Nilsson

the hard side of life
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