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All Blood Is Red


Eastworld Recordings / Soulfood
March 2009 (GER)


Jerry Kandiah came to England from the Cayman Islands in the late 80’s where he met Hedge Seel and later formed the melodic death-metal outfit Necromonica in 1991. After several years touring across London’s underground venues and a session on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, the band’s interests turned to warehouse squat parties and outdoor raves. Kandiah then formed Arkatek with Necromonica guitarist and churned out acid techno tunes on their own label, Skyride Records as well as others including Stay Up Forever and Cluster.

The TRIBAZIK trio was born in London in early 2004 with the enforcement of Paris-born composer Blaise Merino. Producer, re-mixer and experimental bass player, Merino relocated to London to pursue his vision of an ultimate distinctive three-piece.

Inspired by an eclectic taste in music, TRIBAZIK’s aim is to create an energetic, solid sound with REAL organic drums and bass. Focusing on live music, their influences range from avant-garde rock, electro, techno, thrash and roots to name but a few….


1 – False Flag
2 – Small Are We
3 – Smokescreen
4 – Warning Has Broken
5 – Molten (feat. Jaz Coleman)
6 – As Above So Below
7 – Paralyser
8 – Freefall
9 – As If
10 – Speak Through Us

the hard side of life
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