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Nothing Is Sacred


ChopShop Records / Soulfood
27.03.2009 (GER)


KONKHRA formed in 1989 and was quickly established as Denmark’s premier death/thrash act in the international underground. The band signed to Progress for a multi album deal after the release of the MCD "Stranded" in 1992. This led to the debut album "S.A.D." in 1993, which received worldwide acclaim, laying the foundation for the Heavy Metal sub term Death’n’roll. The album was supported by touring in both Europe and the United States.

KONKHRA’s released a MCD "The Facelift EP" in 1994, which broke into the Danish singles chart at number 42 as the first ever extreme metal release. "Spit Or Swallow" was released in April 1995, and KONKHRA supported the album by festival appearances including the Roskilde Festival. An appearance that also saw the recording of the first ever Death’n’roll live album "Live Eraser". After extensively touring for "Spit Or Swallow", the band broke with Johnny Nielsen and Kim Mathiesen, but received hired help from Chris Kontos and James Murphy.

KONKHRA released "Weed Out The Weak" in 1997, which quickly became Diehard Records best selling album, a record that stands to this day. Festivals and tours followed and peaked by the band’s performance at the Roskilde Festival in 1997 in front of 18000 people.

Chris was replaced by ex-Invocator drummer Per M. Jensen. The death/thrash influences were shelved for the recording of 1999’s "Come Down Cold". After international touring, Per M. Jensen left the band to join The Haunted. Touring for the album included a King Diamond tour in 2001. In 2002 the band’s fifth album "Reality Check" was released by Code666 Records. The band supported the album with international touring bringing the band through Europe, Israel and South Africa.

In 2009 KONKHRA celebrates the band's 20-year anniversary with the release of their 6th album "Nothing Is Sacred". The band signed an international distribution and promotion deal with Target Distribution, as well as a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music Denmark.

Anders Lundemark, the band's throat and guitar comments:
""Nothing Is Sacred" was written during the time of the cartoon crisis, and songs like "Religion is a Whore" and "Killswitch" are lyrically direct responses to the attacks free speech has been under in recent years. We attack religion as indiscriminately as we write and record uncompromising extreme metal."


Anders Lundemark - Vocals/Guitar
Michael Skovbakke - Guitars
Lars Schmidt - Bass
Mads Lauridsen - Drums


2009 Nothing Is Sacred (album)
2002 Reality Check (album)
1999 Come Down Cold (album)
1997 Weed Out The Weak (album)
1996 Live Eraser (live album)
1995 Spit Or Swallow (album)
1994 The Facelift (ep)
1993 S.A.D. (album)
1992 Stranded (ep)

the hard side of life
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