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Spikefarm Records / Soulfood
06.03.2009 (GER)


What was to become the Magickal entity ArthemesiA, was summoned in 1994-95 to celebrate the occult elements of the cosmos. Right from the start it seemed like the band was created just to face an obstacle after another. Yet the headstrong visionaires persevered to release two demos, to sign a recording deal around the turn of the millennium and to set forth their first litanies of personified darkness under the moniker of “Devs – Iratvs”. But as nothing goes as planned, it took another seven years for the Finns to get around to unleash their sophomore incantation.

“a.O.a.” is a black manifest of the laws of cosmos and a appreciative bow before the destructive forces of nature – a celebration of the Ouroboros, eternal circle of alphas and omegas, devastation and rebirth.

Not merely passive bystanders in this tragicomedy called human existense, with the power “a.O.a.” ArthemesiA take another step to summon the the White Owl of End Times, the creature which in the end will spread its wings upon mankind and eradicate all, to start over fresh.

When mankind marches to its demise, ArthemesiA stand by, laughing... Triumphant. For in nature, as well as in magick, for every beginning there will be an end. And a new beginning again - a beginning when the ways of old are revived...


01. Of The Owls, Of The Wolves And Of The Nature
02. Valkoinen susi
03. Patheme
04. a.O.a.
05. The Noble Elements
06. Liber Omega


Alpha Valtias - vocals
Mikael Omega Sanctum - guitar, vocals, bass, organ
Omega Meggadeath - drums


Devs – Iratvs 2001
a.O.a. 2009

the hard side of life
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