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Damnation To Salvation


Firebox Records / SPV
February 2009


Melancholy-laden Gothic Metal and energetic Rock’n’ Roll has been gathered up and melted down in SaraLee’s music. It all began in Central Finland in the year 2000. The dynamic trio of Joonas, Saurus and Clansman, who had already initiated their common musical journey in early 1990’s, was joined by guitarist Juha.

In SaraLee’s music combine strong melodies, the energy of rock and passion. Stylistically the band occupies territory somewhere between rock and metal, with influences from Goth. In Summer 2004 the band gathered up and released their demos as the ‘Demo(n)s’ compilation, which in little under a year sold nearly a thousand copies at gigs and through the SaraLee website.

Soon after the band signed to Firebox Records for 2 albums deal. The debut album «Darkness Between» got good response all over the world and lot´s or radio airplay in Finland.

SaraLee has been busy working on new material for the past year and recordings the second album "Damnation to Salvation". Currently the band immerses itself in gigging and promotion of their new album album.


1. Scars
2. Forsaken
3. Sleeping in the Fire
4. Rescue Me
5. Crimson Sky
6. Catch the Moon
7. Nights (we’re living for)
8. Turning point
9. Remains of Carmen
10. Last Day Alive


Joonas - Vocals
Juha - Guitar
Saurus - Bass
Ari - Keyboards
Clansman - Drums, Vocals

the hard side of life
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