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Funeral Phantoms


Mighty Music / Soulfood
23.01.2009 (Germany)


Denmark’s most prominent death metal band EXMORTEM celebrates their 15th year anniversary with the release of their sixth album entitled “Funeral Phantoms”. Their strongest album to date!

With 15 years on their backs, EXMORTEM has established themselves as one of the world’s most interesting and most brutal death metal bands.
The band was founded in 1993 under the name of Mordor, which released a demo. This was followed by the release of their debut album entitled ”Labyrinths Of Horror” (known as ”Exmortem” today) in 1995. The band has since released five albums on well-known metal labels such as Earache, Osmose, Hammerheart and Unique Leader in addition to various vinyl-releases and countless shows and tours throughout Europe.

EXMORTEM’s new album ”Funeral Phantoms” is produced by the band themselves and recorded at the three different studio locations (a rehearsal room, a room that could have been a studio and an almost real studio at Aarhus harbor). Jacob Bredahl (HateSphere, Koldborn) mixed the album and Ziggy (HateSphere, Mercenary, Illdisposed) did the mastering.

Guitarist Martin Thim has the following to say about ”Funeral Phantoms”: ”The new album is not about being brutal or technical. The purpose was from the beginning was to create the right sound and atmosphere, and we have definitely reached that goal. The music, the sound, the lyrics, the artwork – everything is complete.”
Thim continues: ”In our attempt to create a true death metal album, and with a fascination of death, we have formed a number of creatures and immortalized them on a series of pictures, which are the basis for all the visuals of the album artwork, promotion, live shows, online, etc. With "Funeral Phantoms" we introduce the first 6 creatures, but more are to come.”

Mighty Music’s Bjarke Ahlstrand has the following to say about EXMORTEM: ”After being involved with the death metal underground scene since 1991 (where the founders of Mighty Music started their metal magazines Nagual and Emancipation) it’s with pride that I hold Exmortem’s ”Funeral Phantoms” in my hand. Never has the concept of death metal been more complete than the new Exmortem album – from artwork to music to dedication. I see the band as one of the best in the death metal genre, and I am proud that the veterans finally are on the Mighty Music roster.”

Where most other bands of their experience stagnate and repeat themselves, EXMORTEM is an ensemble of constant innovation. It is a goal for the band to challenge and develop their music and hence move the boundaries of extreme metal. ”Funeral Phantoms” is an excellent example of EXMORTEM’s artistic ability and their strongest release to this date.


Martin Thim - Guitars
Andreas Schubert - Guitars
Simon Petersen - Vocals
Kim Nielsen - Bass
Morten Siersbæk - Drums


1995 Labyrinths of Horror (album)
1998 Dejected in Obscurity (album)
1999 Cromlech (Split 7”)
2001 Berzerker Legions (album)
2002 Pestilence Empire (album)
2003 Killstorms (single 7”)
2003 Pest Campaign (10" EP)
2004 US Berzerker Campaign
2005 Nihilistic Contentment (album)
2008 Funeral Phantoms (album)

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