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Satanism. Sickness. Solitude.


Spikefarm Records / Soulfood
31.10.2008 (GER)


Who am I? What am I? It doesn’t matter… Only one thing is important. I’m sick… Don’t you understand? I’m sick of you. I’m sick of those like you… I see you… I see… see you…

All the world knows it. In the end of April in 1986, the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Soviet Union melted. It contaminated large areas of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, forcing the governments to evacuate and uproot more that 300.000 people from their homes. That is the hopelessness that gave birth to Sick, back then just wee toddlers.

Born from the seed of the fallout, direct descendants of the unfortunate, Belorussian Sick truly live up to their name. Sick are not content to be sick alone, they spread their disease, menacing, quasi-industrial cyber black metal gospel with an armada of machinery, guitar riffs that are sharp enough to open your arteries. The package of horror is laced to its screeching perfection with diseased, depraved vocal delivery by Voice of God himself. Sick have a chip on their shoulder towards all the world, and they pass no chances to prove it.

Not afraid to veer away from the downbeats of their own destruction for a while, also this triumvirate of destruction has an outside influence, as testified with the virally creeping cover of “Wandering Star”, originally performed by Portishead.

Infected bacillus scatter into the air to find a new victim, a new life… Overcoming the distance… They seek… They are close… There’s no reason to hide… They are inside of you already…

Blessed be the gospel of destruction and death – don’t deny it, there’s room for more “Satanism. Sickness. Solitude” in everyone’s life… Damnation is salvation!


01. Welcome
02. Helios
03. The Way
04. Hellsicker
05. Alone
06. The Light of the End
07. Emptiness
08. Wandering Star
09. Hologram


Voice of God - vocals
Spiritus Sancti - guitars, sampling
Virgin Mary - drums

the hard side of life
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