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Goodbye To All That


Spikefarm Records / Soulfood
November 2007


Ah, the nights are growing ever longer and the air has an acrid feel to it. October is nearing its end, and we approach what was once known as Samhain and Hallowe’en, but is these days reduced to mere buffoonery. The pallid moon watches over us on the dark, chilly nights as we go on about our daily lives, most likely totally oblivious. This time of the year the wheel turns, and the people who know the other side of life as well, opposite to sunshine and happiness know these tunes by heart. It is the soundtrack of their lives. Many are not begrudged by this fact, but openly welcome that which is to come.

The music of ShamRain could be described as slow-paced, dream-like, deeply atmospherical, and not tainted by melancholy but enriched by it. Perfect music for these darkening days. On the other hand, some may experience it totally differently, and I will not argue that. Music is meant to be open for interpretations, this is which makes the experience personal – which makes it matter. The lyrical themes are dealing with such topics as sorrow, loss, personal issues and overall problems between people and in the world. The tunes could not carry any different kinds of themes; these are not happy songs. The dark Oppression Pop heard on “Goodbye to all that” is deemed more complex than earlier, but fear not, it has not become Prog.

Some see that life is lived in cycles of seven years each. ShamRain the band is now seven years old. Seen like that the band would now be in a beginning of a new cycle. And they are now releasing a new album, which, by the way, is their third. Third albums are said to be the hardest ones, the defining lines. How appropriate a coincidence then?

So there you have it. Music to have your Novembers to. As well as all the other suitable, wintry months.


01. Holding the Earth
02. Raindrops
03. Ghosts I See
04. Passing Shadows
05. Shallow Delusion
06. Stars Will Fall
07. Silent Lullaby
08. Evangeline
09. No One Remembers Your Name
10. Goodbyes Painted Black


Mika Tauriainen - vocals
Matti Reinola - bass and keys
Kalle Pyyhtinen - guitar
Mikko Kolari - guitar
Janne Jukarainen - drums


Deeper into the Night (2007)
Someplace Else (2005)
ShamRain EP (2004)
Empty World Excursion (2003)
Pieces - MCD (2002)

the hard side of life
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