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Apocryphal Voice


Appease me ; Candlelight Records / Soulfood


Apocryphal Voice was born in 1999 out of Juhani Jokisalo's frustrations towards the state of metal music, the band he was in as the bassist, the society, the world, and the human existence itself.
In the autumn of 2000 he and the drummer Ville Salonen entered a studio to record a demo consisting of 3 songs seething with hatred, lunacy, panic, and despair.

It took 3 years of waiting and experimenting in other musical projects until this demo, "The Sickening" was released as MCD through Rage Of Achilles Records. The short co-operation ended with the label's faith in being able to sell the music. Something that just might be the world record of commecrial flop.

Now, before transcending into worlds of higher plane, more disgust and anti-manifesto against this sickening common world of ours needs to be expressed. A small, symbolical death must be performed. And this will come in the shape of the album "Stilltrapped". Thematically this album is dwelling in depression, captivity, and death. Musically it's more diverse extending from actually memorable structures to scary avant-noise experiments, and calmer in a way of expressing a prisoner's suppressed rage in shackles or total living emptiness. All this performed in trademark Apocryphal Voice polychords and emotional vocals.

Or if you insist in having the description to be put in another way... "Stilltrapped" lies somewhere in the wide and hazy area between Burzum and Nick Cave.


1. Trapped Under The Iron Sky
2. Lifeless
3. Incognito
4. Forgotten
5. Sideshow
6. Dance Of The Phantoms
7. Can You Feel The Presence Of Death
8. Lazy
9. March Towards Hell
10. Dry Sound Of Rusty Nothingness
11. Burden

the hard side of life
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